Giant Eagle: Coupons With Different Values are not “Like”!

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Giant Eagle Coupon Policy Like coupon Clarification

Giant Eagle Answers:  What are “Like” Coupons?

The Giant Eagle Coupon policy allows for  2 “like”  printed coupons.  Coupons for the SAME product with DIFFERENT values are not “like”.

When doing coupon match ups that require multiple coupons, I’ve always paired (2) 50¢/1 printed coupons with (2) 60¢/1 coupons since I felt they were not “like” coupons and should be accepted.  Many Giant Eagle customers have had problems trying to redeem all 4 printed coupons since they were  for the same product.  The cashiers and managers did not feel that a different coupon value made the coupons “different” and therefore would only accept 2.

Carol recently had trouble with trying to use 4 printed coupons (with different values) at her store so she  asked Giant Eagle about “like” coupons  on their Facebook page to get clarification.  Giant Eagle’s response is very clear – If two coupons have a different value, they are NOT “like” coupons and a maximum of 2 each CAN be used!

Giant Eagle like coupon policy

You can read their complete response in the screenshot above or go here to see the post on the Giant Eagle facebook wall.  If you think that you may have trouble at your local Giant Eagle using 4 printable coupons (with 2 separate values), you may want to screenshot their response and show it to managers or cashiers who question whether or not you can use these coupons.

If you are also having trouble with your local Giant Eagle accepting coupon with “redeemable at Walmart”, “Available at Walmart”, etc. on them, go here to read my post and see what Giant Eagle had to say about these coupons!

(Thanks to Carol for asking Giant Eagle this question that will help us all!)


  1. I just had this similar situation happen to me at my Giant Eagle. I had 2 printed .50 fruit snack q’s and 2 printed .60 fruit snack q’s…the cashier just said our policy is 2 like printed coupons..i just replied nicely, I am aware of that…two are for .50 and two are for .60…she then proceeded to scan them all no questions asked. I had a positive outcome, but I could see that others might not have the same outcome.

  2. My Giant Eagle does not follow this part of the coupon policy. I am able to use as many printed coupons that are “like” as I want in one or several transactions. This is very helpful.

  3. The giant eagle in Washington county down by trinity point is horrible. I was just in the store yesterday and the cashier at self check out stood beside me the entire time I was using my coupons and telling me all their rules. I will not go back again. I tried telling her the coupons are for the same product but different amounts and she said that’s not true, they are the same. This giant eagle is terrible!!

  4. Cindy, that is crazy to hear! That’s the GE we shop at, and I’ve never had a problem with any coupons. Although I don’t dare try to use coupons at the self check out, maybe that’s it 🙂


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