1. Ha ha–I was just reading the new policy too–I stopped at the ge in the ghetto I told you about and the lady said oh no, we’ll still take more than 2 coupons printed from the internet, they just can’t be the same coupon…she told me the other store must not know how to read lol so still taking them and not just 2 is a BLESSING!

    • Yep – I’m am very happy that they didn’t change anything! I would have been nice if they would have said 2 “like” printed coupons per transaction with a max of 12 “like” printed (or regular) coupons per day so then stores wouldn’t have to try and interpret it….however, I’m very pleased that they didn’t limit it to 2 a day ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. so you can still use 2 like coupons in multiple transactions in one day, right? I hardly ever do this but is nice to have the option.

    • Yes – as long as your store never had a problem with it before. Since they don’t clarify if they mean 2 per transaction or day, most stores allow 2 per transaction. If there is a great deal, I will do 2 transactions but I have never done 6 in a day to use all 12 printed coupons ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree that it is nice to still have the option. I was worried that they would put strict limits on printed coupons – so glad they didn’t!!

  3. They had the new policy hanging at all registers in our store last week and it did say “no more than 2 like printed internet coupons in a 24 hour period”. So what do you think happened? One store can’t be different from a other, right? Do you think GE changed their minds from what they originally distributed?

    • If the store is not a corporate owned store, they could make up their own rules. However, Giant Eagle may have thought about limiting the coupons to a total of 2 printed coupons in a 24 hour period and then realized what a HUGE mistake that would be ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t think my Giant Eagle had anything posted about in a 24-hr period. I believe mine just listed the types of coupons they would still be accepting. But I didn’t study it too hard, so I may have just overlooked it.

      They other thing I was wondering is because the policy (both old and new) states “We reserve the right to refuse any coupons that we believe to be photocopied, counterfeit or invalid for any other reason.”, this could be why some stores will only allow in a 24-hr period. I know that isn’t quite logical, but I can see where some stores would just use that as an excuse to not take too many at once.

  4. What was the phrasing on the old policy about doubling coupons? It states doubling coupons clipped from newspapers, magazines, and mail, but doesn’t say anything about printables..I hope this doesn’t mean stores will start giving us a hard time about it.

    • It’s the same phrasing that they used in the old coupon policy. In the post there is a link that takes you to the old coupon policy that I posted. I wanted to be sure I had a copy of the old one to compare ๐Ÿ™‚ The register cannot tell the difference between a printed coupon and one that came from the newspaper so unless the cashier would override the coupon then it will double. I’m not sure why they don’t list printed coupons….maybe so they could quickly change their mind later?

  5. I don’t mean to be the party pooper here, but the changed policy, though for whatever reason it doesn’t clarify ‘in a 24 hour’ like all the memos at the registers had, it is 2 ‘like’ printable coupons ‘ per 24 hour period per advantage card’. The policy for internet coupons has always been under the title “Additional Guidelines for the Following Coupons”–where they specify the “ADDITIONAL guidelines” for internet coupons, as including all the regular guidelines criteria for their ALL COUPONS Policy, is 2 ‘like’ coupons, no bogo, no more than $3. The regular guidelines for ALL COUPONS is for 12 coupons and it includes ‘in 24 hours’. The ‘additional’ guideline for internet coupons is that they are limiting it to 2 ‘like’ , etc. BUT the rest of the regular coupon for ALL COUPONS applies–that is, ‘in a 24 hour period’.

    • No one likes a party pooper Rosebud ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for clarifying it. Although I technically don’t agree because of the way the policy is worded, since they are stating on Facebook its 2 a day, I’m planning on following that anyway, whether my store would do that or not. Personally, too, I think its a somewhat stupid policy anyway. I understand it’s probably to help eliminate counterfeit printables (thats my guess at least), we all know we can easily have more than 2 completely legal printables, between more than one ocmputer and coupons resetting all the time.

      I’m sure though I’m probably a lot more easy going because my store is so close to me and on my way home anyway, that I’m there I swear 5 out of 7 days a week anyway. I feel sorry for the ones of you that have a lot longer drive there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This has been asked/answered on Giant Eagle Facebook before, and I see they just asked/answered it again to clarify it is 2 ‘like’ printables in 24 hours. I don’t know why they would not put it in their coupon policy , as was on the memos, for clarification as it has always been misunderstood/debatable. Here is a copy/paste of their new answer today on facebook:Top Comments
    Rose Brannan
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    Carol Kulbacki Heller I would like to know the TRUE Coupon policy for the 21st—I was told today you will not accept anymore than 2 internet coupons for a 24 hour period no matter what product you buy…if this is true…I’m moving my shopping to sparkles in my area because your prices without couponing are not always affordable and two of your clerks said that’s all you can use starting the 21st..
    Like ยท Reply ยท January 18 at 3:15pm

    Giant Eagle Hi, Carol. It will be two Like coupons (the same) from the internet per 24 hrs. โ€” not two total coupons from the internet per 24 hrs. As an example, if you are purchasing two boxes of cereal and two yogurts, we will gladly accept two Like coupons for the cereal and two Like coupons for the yogurt for a total of 4 internet coupons that can be redeemed within 24 hrs. Thank you.
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    Rose Brannan
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    Giant Eagle Hi, Nicky. Thanks for your post. We do not allow any stacking regardless of coupon type. Our policy is one coupon per item regardless of coupon origin (paper, electronic, store coupon, manufacturers, etc.). Thank you.
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    • So GE IS saying it is a limit of 2 like printed internet coupons in 24 hours… meaning no multiple transactions if you have more than 2 coupons for the same product. Yet I don’t think the new policy makes that clear AT ALL. I think GE has done a very poor job at making this clear and at writing their policies. If we’re all confused then no doubt the cashiers will be as well.

      • Agree, Giant Eagle could have easily made it clear, as they did in the register memos, and stated “in 24 hours’ to their 2 ‘like’ internet coupon additional guideline. Why they wouldn’t is beyond me. They’ve been asked/answered this enough times on their Facebook page. Yes, the ALL FORMS Of COUPONS GUIDELINES state ‘max of 12 coupons per same 12 items (which is merely stating max of 12 regular ‘like’ coupons)….’per 24 hours per advantage card’. Perhaps if they had put ‘max of 12 ‘like’ (instead of ‘same’)coupons per 24 hour period in the regular part of the ALL FORMS COUPON POLICY, then the ADDITIONAL guideline/limitation of 2 ‘like’ internet coupons per 24 hours would have been easier to understand/not left for debate or interpretation.

  7. I’m surprised it doesn’t state that also….b/c about a week ago all the cashiers at my GE were told only two like internet coupons in 24 hour period starting the 21st. They were suppose to watch everyone more closely and advise them of the future change.

  8. I am upset about the competitor coupons. I used to save a bundle with competitor coupons along with the manufacturer coupons. I am going to have to figure out how to find more manufacturer coupons or how to save in other ways.


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