Price Lock Items at Giant Eagle (through 7/1/20)

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Giant Eagle price lock items 2020

Giant Eagle Coupon Matchups 

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  1. Looks like there’s possibly a $1/2 Quaker Life coupon coming out in the 3/24SS which could make that a good deal.

  2. Also, in my region, the Kelloggs cereal sale is $1.79/box, plus I found an ibotta deal for $1/2 boxes of Mini Wheats (any variety) that works with the Mini Wheats Little Bites on sale. So, with the $0.50 Mini Wheats coupon you listed, the final price for Little Bites is $0.29/box!

  3. We removed the printable list plugin (for now).

    Many said that the page loaded very slowly with the plugin (and some were not able to get the list to load at all).

    We were unsure how many actually used the list-making part so we figured that we would try the post without the plugin in hopes that the post would load faster and more would be able to see it.

    Thanks for the feedback – hopefully others will let us know if they prefer it this way or the old way.

    • It does load very much faster. It’s not the difference between 3 seconds and 5… it’s more like the difference between 3 seconds and 30. I had honestly always though it was just the number of ads on the page. If you’re going to re institute it, maybe a second link to the page with the checkboxes available?

      • The check boxes are on there now (we brought them back). Are you having a hard time loading the page now?

  4. Definitely prefer the checkboxes & ability to email my list to myself. Otherwise the list is relatively useless to me because I have to spend time writing everything down.

    And it looks like my old comments from a couple weeks ago are on your new list, so you may want to delete those since they’re not relevant any more.

    • The link stays the same every week (which is why comments from past matchups are still showing). I’m guessing some will copy/paste the list but most will screenshot on their phone (the majority of traffic is from mobile devices). We may eventually use the printable list again (if a ton of people prefer it)….but would try to update/fix it so that those that are unable to view the page with the printable list are able to see it.

  5. I loved the checkboxes. I did have some issues with the page loading but noticed it definitely loaded better in Chrome than in Firefox.

  6. Ok I figured out the final price! Question can you do the buy 5 save $5 instantly multiple times? So if I bought 10 could I get $10 off? Much thanks!!

  7. I definitely utilized the check box option, too hard to write all this down and too many pages to print the whole list.

  8. I also used the check boxes and emailed the list to myself, it was a timesaver compared to when I wrote it all out. I did have issues with the page loading or freezing, but I just kept refreshing to get through it. I’ll have to go back to writing it out, as I don’t want to have multiple screen shots on my phone to scroll through while shopping. Hopefully the checkboxes and list will return, if not I’ll adapt. Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  9. Love that the check boxes are back! I copied and pasted into a word document last week and am so happy its back to ‘normal’ for me. Thanks Tammy for all you do and the time you spend getting these deals in order for us.

    • Thank you!! After so many said they prefer to have the boxes (in the comments here and over in the Giant Eagle Couponers Group), we decided to install the plugin again!

    • It’s before coupons, however, this catalina is usually a pain and doens’t print properly. If you don’t get it, be sure to contact the catalina company!

  10. There is a $1 off coupon for Turkey Hill ice cream. I’m not sure what insert I got them from. They expire 6/30/19.

    • I think the Turkey Hill ice cream coupons are for the “all natural” kinds…and they are $4.50 – regularly $6.29. 🙁 They aren’t included in the half-off sale.

  11. Used $10.00/1 for the Osteo Biflex 80 count that is b1g1f this week. Cost $11.24 and only $1.24 after coupon

    • Hi Donna! Sorry about that. The lady who does the matchups wasn’t able to do them the last 2 weeks (and I was out of town the first week and this week my daughter had her wisdom teeth out). We should have a matchup (or maybe a “best deals” post). – Tammy

  12. It looks like the $1.00 off e-coupon may apply to the Blue Diamond almonds that are in the buy 5 sale. And there may be an ibotta available to stack – I think I saw one but haven’t had time to look closely.

    • Nice! This must be one that varies by region. Others had coupons that were coded to not double! Glad there are some out there that do double (awesome deal)!! – Tammy


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