*NEW COUPONS* Giant Eagle BIG Cereal Sale 2019! Buy 5, Save $5!

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Giant Eagle cereal event 2019

Giant Eagle Cereal Coupon Deal 2019


Coupons have been added to the deals below! 

Thanks to Ruthann for giving us our very first sneak peek into the BIG 2019 Giant Eagle annual cereal 2-week event and to Stacey for the early Giant Eagle ad with the HUGE cereal even listed!

Giant Eagle will be having their HUGE cereal deal from July 25th, 2019 through August 7th, 2019!  Check out the Nature Valley Bars Deal that is part of the Cereal Event (only 50¢ per BOX)!

Giant Eagle cereal deal 2019

This cereal deal will once again be a “Buy 5, Save $5” deal with the sizes ranging from 10oz. to 13.5oz. The final price (with no coupons) will be $1.50…so that means even those “lousy” $1/2 coupons will be great ($1 per box of cereal isn’t bad at all)!

Every year there are many unadvetised inclusions so keep checking back for the latest information!

Giant Eagle Cereal Deal: Quick Answers to Common Questions:

You CAN mix and match AND buy multiple groups of 5 in the same transaction.

2 Week Sale! (7/25/19 – 8/7/19)

Maxiumum of 5 “like” inserts and 2 “like” printed coupons per 24 hours.  NO LIMIT to the total amount of coupons you use.

Last year a Limit of 100 was stated in ad (no limit listed this time!). Some stores may limit to 100 or 200 – thanks Ruthann!

we only have 1 catalina so far (for the Nature Valley bars).  No cereal catalina has popped up just yet (fingers crossed)!


  1. when it comes to the catalinas do you need to check out 5 at a time or will the 4.00 catalinas print multiple times?

    • You will want to do separate transactions. You will only get (1) $4 OYNO per transaction so only buy 5 General Mills Cereals at once, pay, and then do another 5 🙂 For Kellogg’s and the other items, you can buy as many as you want at a time since they do not have catalinas printing right now.

    • Yes! And your scenario is perfect for 5 transactions since you will only be using a total of 5 “like” insert coupons!

  2. Catalina scenario #2 for insert only couponers
    Buy 5 boxes save $5 (1.50/box)
    Use (1) $1/3 generals mills coupon (-.33 & .34¢/box)
    Use (1) 75¢/2 general mills coupon (-75¢/1 box after it doubles)
    Pay $5
    Receive $4.00 Catalina
    5 boxes for $1 or 20¢ per box ?

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought this was an awesome deal without the catalina. But when that prints out, it’s CRAZY awesome!

    • Yes, you can mix and match any of the items listed as long as long as you buy 5 (or multiples of 5). The only one that you don’t want to mix and match right now is the General Mills Cereal because you would want to buy all 5 GM cereals so you ge the $4 catalina. The catalina ends on the 5th, so after that, you can buy more than 5 GM cereals in a single transaction or mix them with other items (although buying them by the 5th would be the best deal).

    • Yes, the Nature Valley Bars have their own catalina…hopefully we see a cereal catalina as well!! Fingers crossed (Tammy…I’m logged in as my husband because I always forget my password…but it’s me 🙂 )

  4. I printed off .50 off one red white and blueberry pop tarts off of kfr’s regular coupons. I didn’t know if they were part of the sale but I tried and they worked. So I got 2 free boxes of pop tarts. Not sure if any other stored are still carrying this kind


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