Getting College (and other) Textbooks for Cheap?!


My son is taking College classes this year so we are kinda new to this whole “buying expensive textbooks” thing.  It’s really hard to believe that my son needs College books.  It doesn’t seem that that long ago that we were  throwing or giving away my hubby’s old College books that were just collecting dust and taking up my  “cleaning supplies” stockpile area in the closet 🙂

Anyway, while looking around the internet to see if there was a better place or way to go about buying these textbooks rather than just buying them at the school, I found a site called BookRenter.  I  love the concept of renting the books rather than buying them since I know once the classes are over that he will never look at the books again 🙂

Has anyone ever went thru this site or know another way to get cheap college text books?  By the time my youngest goes to college, I’ll be an expert but right now this is very new to me!


  1. In my 4th year of college, here are some tips I’ve learned when buying Textbooks.

    -Buy used, as cheap as possible, and avoid the college bookstores at all costs. (This is unavoidable with textbooks published just for one school, but the majority can be bought elsewhere.) Find the lowest price by plugging the ISBN into
    -Buy the used book at the lowest price through a cashback site or with any available coupons.
    -Search for an International Edition on Ebay. These books are often $80-$100 less than their US versions and have exactly the same contents. They are sold in regions around the world where $200 textbooks would never sell. Don’t believe what the textbook companies tell you, these books are 100% legal to buy and sell in the US. They just want the extra money!
    -Resell at the end of the semester for close to what you paid for it. Do not trade it in to the bookstore!

    I don’t see renting as a good option, because there is no resale value. Many of the books I’ve had I’ve about broke even by reselling them at the end of the semester. There are even a few I sold for more than I paid. Of course, for those who don’t want to take the time to search out a good price or sell the book, renting may be a viable option. But I have to imagine the readers of this site are willing to take a little time out to save money. 🙂

  2. My son tells me that Kindle is starting to have a few textbooks to download for around $20. I haven’t looked into it but will when my next child starts college in a year.

  3. buy online, amazon, ebay, or craigslist, and resell as soon as you can on the same sites, you can also buy or sell among fellow students. sometimes you can score a free rental, i got one last year from neebo


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