FREEBIE From Disney! Create Your Own Stick Figure Decal!

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Click “Get Started” above to get yours (if the picture with “get started” is gone, it’s no longer available)

Disney Fans!  Create your own Disney Stick Figure Family Decal for FREE!  I wanted to test this out to make sure that it was 100% free before telling you guys about it!  Above is the decal I made for my family!

They have some “premium” shirts, hats, etc. that you can add to your stick figures once you  fill out your information (email address, mailing address, etc.) but I just opted for the “regular” clothing since I didn’t realize that until the end 🙂   In order for them to mail you the finished decal, they need your address anyway so you might as well get the premium accessories!

This FREEBIE may not last long.  Let me know if you see that it is gone so that I can update the post! Click “Get Started” above to get yours! You can also get a FREE Disney Vacation Planning Video below!


  1. I was still able to order a free one today. My options were limited on clothing and accessories, but I was still able to do it for free! Thanks! This will help with our Christmas announcement for the kids!


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