FREE Jingos at Dollar Tree and my Trips!


Get FREE Jingos! at Dollar Tree with this $1/1 Jingos! Coupon!  All Dollar Trees may not have these, but it’s worth taking a look if you are nearby!

I braved 2 Dollar Trees in the last week!  I wanted to get the cheap Pepperoni and FREE Wrapping paper that I posted about previously.

I had very small orders.  At the first Dollar Tree, I had 3 wrapping papers, a 6-pk of water bottles (I was thirsty!) and Christmas Name Tags.

Before putting my items on the counter, I asked if they still take coupons and if the policy has changed in any way….the guy assured me that they do and nothing has changed.  So…..As soon as I laid the wrapping paper on the counter and the coupons he stated “I don’t think we can take those”….huh?  I felt like I was being punked 🙂  He said he would need to read the policy.  He came back and said he could only take 2 coupons per transaction (I’m guessing since they were printables?).  I told him that was fine and I could just split them up….no biggie 🙂

A few days later at a different Dollar Tree I bought 4 Hormel Pepperoni Packages, 2 wrapping papers and a birthday card.  Once again I asked the cashier if they still accept coupons and if the policy is still the same.  Everything seemed good to go but  as soon as I put the coupons down, the cashier seemed a little nervous and started reading the coupons and saying that he didn’t know if they could accept them so he called over another worker.  She quickly looked at my coupons (a total of 4 printed ones) and said “Those are copied, we can’t take them” WHAT?!  Don’t tell me MY coupons are copied (I know better than that!).  She said all the numbers are the same…so I nicely pointed and read the numbers to her and she said “ok”.  Then her issue was that the “Any 2 Packages of Hormel Pepperoni” Coupon shows the boxes and I had the bags.  I explained that it says “Any Package” and I had a “package” of pepperoni.  She agreed that those coupons were  fine.

Now onto the Wrapping Paper……  The coupon states it needs to be a roll of American Greetings Spongebob or Dora Wrapping Paper.  She said our paper isn’t American Greetings (without EVEN looking!).  I told her that it in fact IS American Greetings and pointed to where it was marked……Whew!!  All of that for just a few items!!!

Why am I telling you all of this??  If you are a New couponer, then I would suggest to not coupon at the Dollar Tree right away!  Seriously, it’s not that hard at other stores (at least not all the time).   Plus, I think it’s important to know that ALL couponers have frustrating shopping trips now and again!

I didn’t get mean or nippy with the employees, but I held my ground because I KNEW my coupons were legit and I was using them for the right items.  One more funny thing…..the cashier said they had to make sure everything was correct because if they took a coupon that they weren’t reimbursed for that it would come out of their paycheck? (I’m not sure I believe that one…but who knows?).  He said since they only charge $1 for each product that there isn’t much profit if they take coupons.  Ummmm…I told him that not only do they get reimbursed the whole amount of the coupon but they also get 8¢ extra!  So actually if every customer would use coupons, their store would make MORE money!  He said he didn’t know that 🙂

So after hearing all of that, if you still want to go and get the deals (I may go back for some more FREE paper!), here are the ones you may find at your store along with the FREE Jingos!  Not all stores carry the same items, so I go in expecting to not find anything….that way I’m excited when I do find a few Freebies/Cheapies 🙂

Dora or Spongebob Wrapping Paper $1
$1/1 American Greetings Spongebob or Dora Roll Wrap Printable- Direct Link (zip 77477)
Final Price: FREE!

Armour Pepperoni $1
$1/2 Armour Pepperoni -direct link
Final Price: 50¢ each wyb 2

Hormel Pepperoni $1
$1/2  Pepperoni packages
Final Price: 50¢ each wyb 2

(Thanks to Dollar Store Deals and Living Rich with Coupons!)


  1. Sorry to hear of rough trip, Tammy!

    However: interesting note on coupons reimbursement (My father worked grocery for 30+ years, so I have an inside track):

    – You are correct; store does get reimbursed for face value PLUS handling fee (usually .08) per coupon.
    – While this SOUNDS great, that means the store would have to manually (and pay for someone to do it!) sort EACH coupon and send back to the proper supplier (like send Marie Calendar Q’s to CONAGRA, etc). Stores do not do this; it is tedious and NOT cost effective. SO, they send ALL unsorted coupons to a clearing house. THEY sort and return the q’s to teh suppliers. The Clearing house then returns the money (minus a hefty fee) back to Giant Eagle for all redeemed coupons. So, Giant Eagle doesnt really get ALL fo that coupon back; they give up some of it to pay teh clearing house to sort the q’s for them. Granted it is by GE’s choice, but it is a reality. Thi si strue for all stores; cannt think of one that would sort its own q’s….
    – Stores that double EAT the “double” portion of the coupon; they do not get reimbursed for that

    All in all, i agree weith you. Stores should be supportive of coupons. Frankly, I would NOT shop GE if it wasnt for my (and your) efforts. But, their liberal Q policy keeps me shopping there.

    Kepe up teh site! It is my fav!

    • Thanks for the incite into the method of coupon reimbursement. It never occurred to me what they would have to go through to get their money.

      I would not be doing as well as I am now if not for GE’s policy’s and this web site!



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