FREE Deodorant at Dollar Tree and a Little (BIG) Rant!


Dollar Tree has Lady Speed Stick for $1 which means it will be FREE after coupon 🙂  Be SURE to get the right size as this coupon has a few exclusions.  The correct size at my store was for the Lady Speed Stick Roll On.

Lady Speed Stick Roll On 1.7oz $1
$1/1  Speed Stick AP/DO or Lady Speed Stick AP/DO, any (excludes 2 oz, 1.4 oz and .5 oz) Limit 4 coupons from 10/21 SS (exp 11/10)
Final Price: FREE! 

I also bought more FREE Candles today that I posted about the other day:

Air Wick Candles $1
$1/1 from 10/7 SS (exp 11/4) Limit 2 like coupons per shopping trip
Final Price: FREE!
*There is also a $2/2 Air Wick Candles coupon in the 10/28 SS which will get you 2 more FREE Candles!

Remember that not all Dollar Tree Stores carry the same items.  This is when I get lots of use out of my coupon database app on my phone.  I walk around and look up items that I think *might* have a coupon 🙂

I thought Dollar Tree was HORRIBLE at taking coupons and I hope you guys have a better experience.  In my first transaction, I bought:
4 candles
1 whisk (mine broke yesterday) a
2 Alka Seltzer Plus Products

I had a total of  5 coupons (so nothing extreme…..).  They cashier STUDIED my coupons and wasn’t sure if she could take them….she had to call the manager over who then had to take my coupons into the office and supposedly call corporate (for REAL?).

The cashier was afraid that the $2/2 Airwick coupon couldn’t be accepted because it was more than the purchase price of 1 candle……..but ummm, it’s $2 off TWO which isn’t more than the price.  The manager did end up taking the Airwick coupons.

However, she said that she COULDN’T take the Alka Seltzer coupon (it was the $1/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus Product, Any from 9/16 RP). This coupon has NO exclusions but in the small print it states for “specified products” (ALL coupons pretty much say this)….and I told her specified means what the wording says ($1/1 ANY Alka-Seltzer Plus Product).  She said it meant the picture which was the Allergy + Cough Product and the product that they carried was JUST Allergy……made NO Sense to me!!

So I looked at the Airwick coupons and they states “specified” as well………And the picture shows a reddish candle while I bought a beige one.  So does that mean I purchased the wrong product?!  Ugh….I was so frustrated.  I was nice and polite the whole time which I would hope that all couponers would be, but my blood pressure was going up for sure 🙂

After all of this, can you believe I ran back in to get 1 Speedstick….I must be crazy right?  I left my binder in my car but when I spotted the Speedstick, I wanted to grab one.  So I had 1 product and 1 coupon…..same thing…..the cashier (a different one) had to call the manager because she wasn’t sure they could take that coupon…a HUGE line behind me….ugh….!   Whew!  Glad I got that out 🙂

Have you guys had good or bad experiences at Dollar Tree?


  1. I’ve had good ones, but there was one day where I was only trying to use 1 IP coupon and they said I couldn’t because it was “photocopied”. I told them that is was printed by my computer printer and they had to call someone up to the register. Then she had to call the manager on the phone. They kept calling it a photocopied coupon, and they said that manager on the phone said that I couldn’t use it. So I asked to speak to him. They handed me the phone, I told him the situation and read the line from their policy that said they could take 2 of them and he said oh, you printed from like, and I said YES! He said, oh yeah, we take those no problem. I was civil, but the original cashier had such an attitude the entire time, even after the phone call. I just felt bad because there was a huge line behind me, and some of the customers looked really annoyed with me, but that is what happens when employees don’t know or aren’t trained.

  2. I was told by our dollar tree they DO NOT except coupons. Intresting to read they do ( even though ) i was there yesterday and seen a small sign on there register that say “ask about coupons first”

  3. I also have had problems at my local dollar tree as well. When ever I hand them a coupon they examine it as though they have no idea what it is…lol. I usually try and only use 2 or 3 coupons per visit because it takes the cashiers so long to deciede if they can take it or not. A couple of the cashiers are pleasant and then a couple of them develop attitude the minute I hand them the coupons. I sure hope that the Dollar Tree looks in to the issues because it seems to be a pretty frequent problem.

  4. I have only gone to Dollar Tree maybe 3-4 times and I have not had any bad experiences. But most of them are slow because the cashiers really study the coupons. But one time I went and bought a maybe like 7 items but had only 2 or 3 coupons (my mom was with me and got some super glue, a note pad, and some things like that) but one of the coupons expiration date was the day that I was there I think it was 9/16 or something and the cashier said that I couldn’t use the coupon because it was expired. And I told her that it expires today but I can still use it and she said no that it can’t be used because it was expired and luckily the manager was walking by and the cashier asked her and she was like yeah it expires today so it can still be used and the manager looked at me like is she not very bright. But that was the worst that I have ran into.

  5. The problem is that they don’t have a scanner for the computer and thus have be careful the coupon is valid. What’s more, the cashiers seem to have about zero experience with coupons and I think they are afraid of screwing up and getting in trouble. My attitude with the DS is to expect the worse. I figure they’ll need a year or two experience to get more comfortable with it.

  6. i also had a bad experience. i had a ip coupon for aquafresh toothpaste like others had wrote about using at dollartree. after the cashier studied it told me the picture wasn’t the same as the toothpaste i had. got the manager who told me it wasn’t for the product i said it was by this time i had a line of people behind me told them to forget it that i had heard how bad it was usings coupons here that maybe they should consider not accepting them if they were going to make people feel like criminals (by the way i had 1 coupon)they can keep their products i get plenty of stuff at g.e and others where i dont have to feel bad using coupons

  7. i have a few local dollar trees near my house. so far ive had good experiences…i got olay at one store and i used 3/2 mq from pg awhile back..i was able to get 3 instead of two “free”…not my choice but because their computer has to get a managers numbers and doesnt accept q’s for more that 1.00 item…it was confusing the computer. does that make sense?
    my other local store knows me {i was the first to try out qs when they started haha} and they are very patient..they’re still learning i think they dont want to mess anything up…so i always try to be polite..since they are polite to me. {so far}…sorry you didnt have better customer service…but in this economy..every penny counts…..and i am getting it free if i can! 🙂

  8. I had a horrible experience at my GE (Columbus, Ohio) last weekend. The would not let me use more than three internet coupons for my entire order. Their policy says two internet coupons per item, but there is no limit to the “total” number of internet coupons. When I questioned the cashier, she called the manager over. The manager told me that their coupon policy is changing and that they would not accept more than three internet coupons. In all, I only had 10, but I will still ticked, since this new “policy” is not documented anywhere. I called the store later and was told that if I bring my receipt and coupons, they would give me a credit… but that in the future, they will not allow more than three per order. What a pain!


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