Food on the Table and Giant Eagle idea!


Reminder: If you haven’t joined Food on the Table yet, HURRY and join before the end of the month!!  You can use the code SPRINGFREE to get it FREE for life!

Grab this while it’s FREE – the premium version is usually $5/month!

This meal-planning service is a perfect fit with the Giant Eagle MatchUps.  I list all the deals that have coupons so we can all stock-Up and save money and they list recipes that go with the deals including the meats that are on sale!

When you first sign-up, you’ll add the Stores that you shop at….I added Giant Eagle (no surprise there!). Each time you pull up Food on the Table it’ll say “Welcome Back” and have a link where you can see the Sale Circulars.  Click on that link to bring up a page   that lists the items in groups with their sale prices (see example at the bottom of this post).  We all know that we can make many of these sale prices better by using coupons!  Anyway, I like how you can simply click beside the item and see recipes!

I’m not a great cook and sometimes I stock-up on items that are FREE or really cheap when I actually don’t know what I’m going to do with them 🙂  So this is a great way to find a few ideas and my stockpile won’t go to waste!


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