Extreme Couponing on TLC – Are you going to watch??


Extreme Couponing airs tomorrow night at 8pm EST.  I enjoyed watching the show last time for inspiration, but I definitely don’t want to be an “Extreme Couponer”!  My Biggest Stockpiled item right now is pasta.  I have about 110 boxes which is the most I have ever had at one time.  This may sound a “little” extreme, but most of them were Free AND my family can easily eat 5 boxes a week which is only about a 5 month supply.  On top of that, I’m not a very good cook, so I need items like pasta -haha

Most Couponers do not have a stockpile like the ones they will be showing on TV.  Don’t feel like you aren’t doing a Great Job Couponing just because you don’t have a huge stockpile.  You really only need enough items to get you thru to the next sale.  I think it’s better to judge how you are doing by the money you spend monthly compared to what you used to spend before couponing.  However, for the first few months of couponing you will probably be spending about the same amount  while you are slowly stocking up!

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  1. I’ll watch…but I think this show helped kroger decide to stop stacking and make so many terrible changes to their policy. I HATE when friends hear about this show and say they thought of me. I by no means am extreme…just saving money for my family.

  2. Amanda- I LOVE your comment:) I think you are absolutely right – my hubby always said that the more people that coupon and the more publicity it receives, the more stores and manufacturers will crack down! I know to make the show interesting they have to show the extreme side of couponing, but it does make it look bad for the rest of us who are just trying to get great deals to save money. Kroger has become much stricter over the past year – which has made me shop more at Giant Eagle. I also think the manufacturers that put out coupons have become stricter – So many coupons now exclude Trial Sized items -I’m sure they realized couponers were scoring Free ones:)

  3. I didn’t shop at kroger until I started couponing. Giant eagle is closer to us, but when kroger allowed you to stack I got some great deals!! I haven’t went in a kroger since they changed their policy & have no plans to…why, when I can still stack at giant eagle? sadly, id rather go to walmart for my coupon overage than kroger…i never thought I would say that!!

  4. Haha- I never thought I would like Walmart again either – but with the new coupon policy it’s looking better and better:) Now, if they would only double coupons….. 🙂


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