Essential Everyday Coupon = FREEBIES at Shop ‘n Save


essential everyday

Essential Everyday Products can be found at  many stores including Shop ‘n Save.  I have not spotted these products at Giant Eagle just yet.  I remember Carol letting us know that she did not like the Essential Everyday brown sugar.  Vicki has tried the Essential Everyday canned vegetables, boxed potatoes, rice, tuna, crackers and sauce jars and thought they were all good.  So, if you plan on stocking up on some of these items, you might want to buy just 1 and try it before buying many which I would recommend doing with anything that you haven’t tried before.

Essential Everyday Coupons

We received a 75¢/1 Essential Everyday Coupon in the 1/26 Red Plum Insert that doubles!  This coupon expires on 2/22/14 so we still have some time left to make use of it!  Many items will be FREE at Shop ‘n Save including Gravy Mixes, packaged noodles, broth, old-fashioned or quick oats, bleach (in ad this week), etc.  Many other items will be extremely cheap including instant oatmeal, liquid detergent, cheese, etc.  The Essential Everyday items are found ALL over the store so grab your coupons and pick-up some items that your family will use!

*Keep in mind that prices vary at different stores, however, if your store carries the Essential Everyday items and doubles coupons you should be able to score free items!


  1. I used 12 of these coupons today and for some reason, only one of them doubled. I’m going to call the store and see what they can do to help me out. I’ll post what I find out, but hopefully no one else runs into this problem!

    (I bought them from a clipping service, and I don’t think that’s where the problem lies. I’m guessing it’s because the cashier was forcing them to not double… just a hunch, though!)

    • It may be your SNS that stopped them from doubling. One thing I dislike about SNS is that there isn’t an online coupon policy that applies to all stores so each store makes up it’s own rules. Your particular store may only double 1 “like” coupon per day or per transaction….which would stink 🙁 Or, you could’ve had a cashier who didn’t like you getting such great deals and stopped the double.

  2. I just spoke with customer service, and the girl said the coupon says “do not double”. I don’t have anymore of them to check, but I swear they didn’t have that written on them. And I’m pretty sure the cashier stopped them from doubling. I’m really tempted to take back the shelf-stable products for a refund. It’s really frustrating! 🙁 I guess that’s why I don’t shop at SNS too often!

    • I think I have some coupons so I will take a look at them and let you know – but how do they explain how the first one doubled? My SNS is the same way with coupons…..very frustrating! They do have some great deals now and again though!

  3. I just checked the picture of the coupon from the clipping service, and sure enough, in the fine print it says “do not double”, but I’m pretty sure they double automatically. Usually the DND is in bold at the top… Oh well! I only spent $1.98 for 12 of them, and they were shipped very quickly, so I’m not really complaining. I just wish I had known they would override them; I wouldn’t have bought as much stuff! SNS does have some good sales every now and again. I do like the legendary 2-day sales; it’s the only time I buy OJ and lunchmeat! (We don’t use very much of either in our house, so I usually only get enough for about a week or so.)

    Well, now I know!! 🙂 Thanks again for all your help and hard work! I LOVE this site! 🙂


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