Enter to Win $200 from Credit Sesame!



If you haven’t signed up for Credit Sesame yet, you can sign-up now and enter to win $200 towards your Holiday Shopping!

With Credit Sesame you DO NOT need to enter a Credit Card.  This is not a “free trial”.

 This is why I suggest to NEVER enter a credit card number unless there are a few ways to cancel (By email, by logging into your account, phone, etc.)
About a month ago my hubby signed up with “another company” that was a free trial and he had to enter his credit card number and cancel before 30 days or he would be charged.  He tried for a  week straight to call and cancel with NO answer.  Any other department he called would answer quickly but always direct him to the department that handles cancelations!  Finally on a Friday when he worked from home, he called and put the phone on speakerphone and laid it beside him.  After an HOUR of waiting…someone FINALLY answered and he was able to cancel!  I’m guessing they hope that most people give up and don’t cancel.

I told my hubby that I had posted about Credit Sesame on my blog before which requires no credit card …..and I know he’s an avid reader 😉

What you will get when you sign-up for Credit Sesame
* Receive daily credit monitoring alerts
* Get your FREE Credit Score Monthly
* Limit ID Theft Damage
* Find Potential Errors Sooner
* Get Access to Better Loans and Save Money


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