Earn Money with Jingit – Easy and Fun!

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Have you guys signed up for Jingit yet?  Basically this is a way for companies to connect with potential customers by paying us to watch short videos, take surveys or to “check in” at stores by scanning a certain product!

I just signed up this morning – it was quick & easy (I used the Facebook connect).  You will need to enter your mobile phone number and they will send you 1 text with a code to confirm your account.

Download the app on your Smartphone and click on “check in” to quickly see what’s available near you!  Walmart is the closest store to me right now so I was given many items to scan!  Below is the screenshot of the items I was offered this morning (plus more when I scrolled down!)


    • You can earn some money online by watching videos and taking surveys, but in order to “check in” at the store you do need a smart phone to download the app and scan the item.

  1. I have the app on my iphone and my son’s ipad(so I can do something while I wait for his bus)an I also use the website on my desktop. I got the visa card too. I use the money to buy stamps whenever I need them, and for the redbox renting.


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