Dove Coupon makes Candy Bars only 29¢ at Kroger!


The 50¢/2 Dove Chocolate Bars Coupon is back and has RESET!  I just used 2 coupons to get 4 candy bars last night at Kroger!  They are 79¢ each which makes them only 29¢ each after coupon doubles and they are Yummy!  I got the dark chocolate since Dr. Oz says that it’s better for me – lol:)  I haven’t seen these Dove Candy Bars at Giant Eagle yet, but I’m thinking others have?!

Anyway, on the wrapper, it said that there was  a coupon inside……so I told my kids to be careful opening their candy bars and to give me the coupon once they are done.

The picture below is the coupon that my 17 year old son gave to me……….ummmmm….don’t think I’ll be able to use that one – lol!   The funny part is he actually thought it was fine since the barcode was untouched!


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