Dollar Tree Deal! 50¢ for 2 Boxes of Cereal and 1 Bag of Coffee!


Cereal and Coffee Deal at Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree: 2 Boxes of Cereal & 1 Bag of Coffee = 50¢!

Wow!  If you have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can score a very inexpensive deal on cereal and coffee thru 11/24!  Keep in mind that not all Dollar Tree Stores carry the exact items, but it’s worth a look!  My Dollar Tree said that they just recently got these full boxes of Post Cereals!

Buy 2 Honey Bunches of Oats 15.5oz   AND 1 Bag of Coffee 7oz = $3
Use:  (1) $2.50 off (2) Post Cereals 9.5oz or larger AND (ANY) Coffee 6oz or larger from 10/13 SS (exp 11/24)
Final Price: 50¢ for ALL 3 items (17¢ each!)

Don’t miss out on the FREE Crystal Light at Dollar Tree and Stay tuned for more deals 🙂

My Dollar Tree was unsure about this coupon… first they said they don’t accept $2.50 Off Coupons but I showed them their coupon policy which states that they can take a coupon for more than 1 item as long as the coupon is not more than the price of the products (in this case, the products were $3 and the coupon was $2.50).  Then, she thought maybe the coupon meant it had to be “Post” Coffee which doesn’t even make sense since Post doesn’t make coffee ;).  Finally, after involving the manager and making phone calls they decided that the coupon was fine (there is NO reason why it wouldn’t be) and they were able to accept it but they had to take it off as -$1, -$1, and -50¢ for the register to take it.  Hopefully your Dollar Tree doesn’t make it this difficult!  My store usually reads over every coupon very carefully which I am fine with since I know that I try my best to make sure I’m using the correct coupon for everything that I buy!


  1. Thanks Tammy! Stopped by my Dollar Tree last night and was able to score this deal. Took three cashiers and a phone call to the manager, but in the end they said the could accept the coupon. What a great deal.

  2. Thanks Tammy! My store had the Honey Bunches of Oats and a strawberry flake value cereal from Post. The manager didn’t notice that the coupon included the coffee and was going to decline it. When I showed him that the coffee was included he was fine.


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