DeClutter & get rid of clothes without leaving your house!


I just dropped off 3 bags of items at Good Will yesterday – I absolutely LOVE that feeling.  I would like to tell you that it’s because I’m helping other people but that’s only part of the reason.  Getting rid of items we don’t use and *trying* to declutter gives me a super feeling(:  I always thank the workers at Good Will when I hand them my bags and I really mean it – I am thankful that I have somewhere to take the stuff I no longer want or need!

Anyway, if you don’t have a Good Will, Salvation Army or other place to drop off your unwanted items, here’s an easy way to get rid of your gently used children’s clothing & items without leaving your house AND you can actually make a little $$ while doing it!  Sign-Up for Thred-UP (they are becoming very popular with over 38,000 fans on Facebook!  You have different choices in how you send/receive clothes.  You can pack your own boxes, and send them directly to the “buyer” or my FAVORITE way would be to get a FREE Bag, fill it with Children’s items and leave it for your mail-person to pick-up!  You will earn more by packing your own boxes, but I like the ease of just putting things in a bag and forgetting about them!  The Thred-up people will sort and box your items and you will earn $$ which can be used to buy other boxes or can be cashed out via paypal!

**Update:  Great News!  I just asked on their Facebook what the largest size of clothing they accept, and a Thred-up user let me know that their is no limit and even Women Swap clothes and other items!!  My children are 11 and older so I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to send items…..but it looks like I can- YAY!


    • Katrina – Click on “learn more” on the first page and on the second page it’ll say “do it yourself to make the most cash OR Save time and let thredUP do the work” Under Save time and let thredUP do the work click on “learn more” and that should take you to the page:)


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