Custom Coupon Database App by Lady Savings for iPhone and iPad


**Update:  We now have a New and Improved App …..and it’s now absolutely FREE!!  No cost for the weekly database update plus now we offer match ups for stores!    Go HERE to read all about the NEW App!


The NEW Custom Coupon Database by Lady Savings has been released 🙂

My husband and I made the first Lady Savings Coupon to help couponers like myself to look up coupons on the go!  For the most part the app works Great, however since all areas don’t get the same exact coupons it does have it’s flaws.  If you received a regional coupon that isn’t in the database, you will not find it when searching and may miss out on a hot deal!  Plus, there are times when a coupon will be in the database that you will NOT have since your region didn’t receive it.  I know how frustrating it can be flipping thru an insert in the middle of the store over and over looking for a coupon and then realizing that your region didn’t receive the coupon…..I’ve done this many of times. This is why we created the new “Custom Coupon Database” so that each person could Customize their App to contain the exact coupons that they have!

The main purpose of the app is to save you time & money!! We don’t want you to have to type in all the coupons you received in the Sunday paper which would be very time consuming.   However, we want you to be able to have a database that is personalized AND sortable!

We provide an update every Sunday with all the newest coupons that you can use to build your “Custom Database” from.  Plus you can also enter “Personal Coupon” (these are the ones you print, find at the store, get in the mail, regional coupons from the inserts, etc.).

The first time you build your “Custom Database” it will take a little time, but once you have your coupons listed it will save you time at home or in the store while searching for coupons!

Now on to the fun part 🙂  Follow these simple instructions below to get your app!

Search for Custom Coupon Database by Lady Savings on your iPhone or iPad or go HERE.
Download the app for Free on your iPhone or iPad and open it. You will be asked if to allow notifications – hit “allow” if you want to be reminded when the database is updated (usually Sunday evening) or “do not allow” if you do not want these notifications.

In order to use the app, you’ll need to  click the “In-App Purchase” and buy the Quarterly Coupon Database for 99¢ (this purchase is good for 3 months from the time you buy it and is easily renewed by clicking this button).

The Quarterly Coupon Database is the list of coupons that come in the Sunday Paper.  I upload the NEW Sunday Coupons and delete expired coupons every Sunday evening.

After clicking the “In-App Purchase”, you will bring up the screen above.  Click “Buy/Renew” and enter your email address (optional) – you do not have to enter an email address, however if you accidentally erase your app, you can email us and we can retrieve your confirmation number for you as long as you entered an email address when buying.

Click “Buy”….you’re almost ready to start using the app!

The last step to getting it ready  is to click on “Update Database”!  This will download the newest database available.  This does NOT charge you again.  This is what the 99¢ was for…..3 months of updates!  (That’s about 8¢ per update since you only need to update once a week.  Every Sunday is when I upload the newest coupons)

Let’s check out the 3 Main Buttons (circled in red)

1. Search Database (Top Middle Button) – this allows you to search the database.  You can search the Master Database which is the one you download every Sunday, The Custom Database or your Personal Coupons (we’ll get to these ones….)

2.  Build Custom Database (Button on the Left) – this allows you to use the Master Database to pick and choose the coupons that you want to include in your Custom Database so when you search, you aren’t finding coupons that you don’t have!  We’ll get more into this in a minute…

3.  Enter Personal Coupons (Button on Right) – this is the place for you to enter any coupon that you have that is not found on the Master Database.  Examples are coupons that you received in the Sunday Inserts that were regional, Printed coupons, coupons found in the store, etc.

Build Custom Database

(click on “Build Custom Database” button on main screen to bring up screen below)

Click on “Add”  (This screen is also where you can “edit” and delete coupons you no longer want)

You will see the inserts that are available for you to “Add” to your Custom Database.  Scroll down to see them all!  Simply click on one that you want to add (I chose the 9/30 PG which brought up the screen below).

Tap  a coupon from the top box to transfer it to the “My Selections” box.  You will ONLY want to tap the coupons that you actually received or want to search in the future.   Example: Even if you received Baby Coupons, you don’t have to select them if you don’t have children and will never use them!

From this screen you can also tap on “Add Personal Coupon” at the bottom of the page.  If you are flipping thru your insert and spot a regional coupon that is not listed, you can click that and enter it!

Keep selecting all coupons you want to include in your Custom Database from each insert provided.

Enter Personal Coupons

(Click “Enter Personal Coupons” Button on Main Screen to bring up Screen Below)

This is where you want to enter any regional coupon you may have received from the  Sunday paper.  You could also enter coupons you receive in the mail, from tearpads or printed ones if you’d like!  You do not have to fill in all the fields – if there isn’t a description, just leave it blank!  Remember that these are your personal coupons and you’ll need to delete them once you use them or when they expire!

Search Database

 (Click “Search Database” Button on Main Screen to bring up Screen Below)

This is where the Magic Happens 🙂  You can search the 3 Databases (The Master Database, The Custom one you created from the Master, or your Personal Coupons that you added in).  You can also sort them by expiration date, Insert, name or value!

It’s Super Easy!

1. Type in a name (or part of a name) (Example: for “Bounty”, you could search for “bounty” or “bou” would work as well – you don’t need the full name!  One word that always gives trouble is L’Oreal….I search for “oreal” so I don’t need the apostrophe!).

2. Select the Database you wish to search.  If you haven’t set up your Custom Database yet, just search the Master Database which will have most coupons in it (except for those regional ones!).  Once your Custom Database is set up and complete, you’ll want to search it plus you’ll also want to search your Personal coupons (these are the ones you typed in)!

3.  Choose how you want the coupons displayed.  Do you want them listed by their expiration date, Insert, Name or Value?

4.  Press Search to get your results!

Enjoy 🙂  If you have any questions or suggestions, head over to the coupon Coupon Forum and leave a comment, suggestion or questions!


  1. I have a few questions/comments about the app. Here we go:
    1. I don’t see a functionality to scan a coupon to search or enter a coupon. This would be great to add.
    2. Teasers? It would convince me to buy the service if you gave me a one week teaser.
    3. When uploading full inserts can you indicate how many inserts you have? Which would yield how many of each q you have?
    4. Pictures do qs?

    • Hi Alex,
      Right now we don’t have a scan feature.
      I’m not sure if there is a way to go about getting a week trial period….I’ll need to ask my husband about that one and get back to you. It all depends if there is a way to do it on iTunes. I’m not sure if that has to be set up in advance or not. If I can’t find a way to do that, it’s just 99¢ which gives you 3 months and you grab the new inserts every weekend (for that same 99¢).
      We don’t have a place to enter how many inserts you have, but that would be a great feature to add. I’m not sure what the 4th question means? The app doesn’t show pictures of the actual coupon if I’m reading it correctly.
      I use my app all the time. Whenever I see a sale at the store, I pull it out and see if I have a coupon to go with it plus I use it when doing match-ups for Giant Eagle. I like to make sure I add the coupon value that my local area received. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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