Giant Eagle Coupon Policy Changing on January 21st, 2014!


Giant Eagle Coupon Policy
Giant Eagle Coupon Policy

Back on January 6th, Giant Eagle confirmed that their coupon policy would be changing on January 21st, 2014.  So tomorrow we will find out all the details.  We know two things.  First is that Giant Eagle will no longer be accepting competitor coupons.  Second is that they will still continue to double coupons (YAY).

However, It looks like they are also going to limit the number of printed coupons to 2 per day (or 24 hour period).  In the current coupon policy, the limit was 2 “like” printed coupons but it didn’t specify whether that was per transaction, day, etc.  The only UNKNOWN part to this is whether or not it’s a limit of 2 “LIKE” printed coupons or a limit of 2 printed coupons total per day….that would be BAD News!  There have been readers that have heard both ways so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure!

Once the new coupon policy is released, you can view the old Giant Eagle Coupon Policy here and see what changes you spot!  Be sure to come back here tomorrow so we can talk about the changes!


  1. Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring have a picture of the actual coupon policy change memo that I’ve seen posted at my Giant Eagle registers for the past week or so.(TY SOS). It does qualify 2 “like” printable coupons ‘per 24 hours’. For me, that means no change in the printable coupon policy except it is now clarifying the time frame for usage as ‘per 24 hours’. I don’t think it is stating you can only use a ‘ total’ of 2 printable coupons per 24 hours; it is stating you can only use a total of 2 ‘like’ coupons per 24 hours. Else, why would they even include the word ‘like’ in the policy. At least I hope I’m correct–or I’ll be very, very, very upset b/c I use more printables than insert coupons!

    • Yes, I’ve seen that policy as well but some other readers have had their store let them know that it’s only 2 printed coupons total per day which would stink! I’m anxious to see the actual online policy 🙂 My SNS has a limit on printed coupons per day (a pretty low limit I think) so I hardly shop there….of course I love GE much more!

      • I’d be shocked if giant eagle went to twO TOTAL a day. I looked and i dont know if each SNS is different, but online their policy is three total a day (and they dont double). I would be very surprised if giant eagle went to a policy less than SNS.

        • I would be too and it would be very disappointing. I think SNS’s coupon policy varies but that sounds similar to my store…especially that part about not doubling! With my SNS located close to Walmart, I might as well just price match and take my printed coupons there. I do run into SNS on occasion when they have their 2 day sales.

          • Ok, so now im confused. Just checked out the new policy online, and it doesnt state any different as far as internet coupons. Is this just something they “retrained” the stores on and just didnt change the policy wording then.

            Other than that, competitors is the only change i spotted.

            • Yes – I am VERY pleased 🙂 I ended up writing a new post and highlighting the changes in red – check it out here

  2. Beware of Walmart with printable coupons, if they don’t scan they won’t manually input them. Pain in the butt.


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