Coupon Database App is now updated!


The Coupon Database App (Iphone & Android) is now updated with Today’s Coupons and the expired ones have been removed.  I update the App every Sunday so if a coupon expires tomorrow (Monday), you’ll still see it in the database until next Sunday.  Make sure to update your App by pressing “Update Database”.

Don’t forget when searching for a coupon that the less you type the better! If looking for Kraft Coupons, try typing “kra” instead of  “kraft cheese”.  A tricky one is L’Oreal, if you type the whole word, you must include the apostrophe! – I always type “Oreal” to find the L’Oreal Coupons quickly without having to use the apostrophe.

Click below to see All of the coupons that I added.  Leave a comment or email me at tammy(at)ladysavings(dot)com if you received a coupon that is not listed below and I will add it!

Go Here and Here to read more about the app!


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