Coupon Article in Taste of Home (Kinda Funny)


In the Aug/Sept issue of Taste of Home, there is an article named “Cash In with Coupons” that I found kinda funny.

Here’s what it said:

Move over, baseball; coupon-clipping is becoming the new national pastime.  The average American family saves from $5 to $9 a week with coupons.  That’s over $400 a year.  Even smartphones have latched onto the trend.  Some sites allow you to load coupons onto your phone and simply show them to the cashier for instant savings.  Facebook has gotten hip to coupons, too.  Almost every brand has a Facebook page; “like” them to get access to high-value coupons.

September is National Coupon Month, so why not check out some of our favorite sites below?  You won’t need your scissors, but you will need a printer.



I want to say that I do love the Taste of Home Magazine and their website.  I got some of my favorite recipes from them 🙂

However, this article made me laugh!  First, If I was only saving $5 – $9 a week, I would not be couponing!  Second, Did they even go to the websites that they listed for coupons??  Yes, you do need a printer, but unless you are going to rip apart the coupons, I think you will need scissors too 😀  (Except for which sometimes prints a large coupon on one page).


  1. So funny, I saw this as well and laughed. Called for my hubby to read it. He told me to e-mail them one of my receipts to show them that the savings are a lot more then $5-9. Wouldn’t it be nice not to use scissors while couponing!


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