Coke, Reese’s, Vlasic, and more great coupons added to ibotta!


Be sure to check your Ibotta account!  A LOT of new offers were added last night!  I’ve added these into the Giant Eagle Matchup! However, be sure to check your personal account since some offers will vary!  Remember that you can use a coupon for an item and still get the ibotta deposit!

If you haven’t joined ibotta yet, go here to join.  You’ll need a smart phone since this is an App.  You can also read my post about how to use ibotta at Giant Eagle (or any store that participates!)


  1. Does anyone else have problems with offers disappearing in this app? I love this app, but I logged in last night & had a ton of offers…more than I’ve ever seen before. They were the ones mentioned in the post above. Well anyways I completed some of the offers & I was making a shopping list & went to double checked my offers & most of them were gone(go figure the good coke ones). It was like they never even existed. I was just wondering if anyone else ever encountered this. Thanks

    • Someone posted on the LadySaving’s facebook last night that ibotta had said that they accidentally released too many offers at once. I realized when I was heading out to shop this morning that some of the ones that I had wanted were removed…..hopefully they will be put back soon 🙂

    • Hmmm….I’m not sure?! Are you able to download other apps for android or iphones on it? If so, I would think it would work.


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