Chocolate Muffins Recipe with only 2 Ingredients!!


Even the busiest mom probably has time to make these Chocolate muffins that only have 2 ingredients!  I would have never guessed that one of the ingredients was canned Pumpkin!

Jenni from Sweet Pennies from Heaven says that you won’t even taste the Pumpkin and the texture of these muffins make them taste like a cakey brownie!

Having pumpkin in the recipe makes this snack a little healthier than your normal muffin!  This recipe is also very frugal since we couponers can grab cake mix for Super Cheap!

1 – Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix (other flavors can be used too)
1 – 15 oz. Canned Pumpkin

*Mix the 2 ingredients together – it’ll be very thick and will require a lot of mixing.
*Spoon Mixture into 12 Cupcake Paper Cups.
*Bake at temperature the Cake Mix calls for for around 19-22 minutes.  Use a toothpick to see if muffins are done…if not, put back in the oven for another minute or 2!

Thanks Sweet Pennies from Heaven & for the photo!



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