Cheap Pineapples, Oranges, Lemons and More at Aldi!


Be sure to check out your local Aldi Ad that runs thru 5/15!  They have some great deals this week on fruit!  You can also take your local Aldi Ad to Walmart and price-match!

Check out your Aldi Weekly Ad <- Click here

Tips for shopping at Aldi:
***bring a quarter if you will be needing a buggy – you simply need to unlock a buggy and you will get your quarter back when you return your cart!  I usually don’t get a buggy and just throw my fruits and veggies into my reusable bags however, they can get pretty heavy if I find lots of great deals!

***be sure to have your own grocery bags –  Aldi doesn’t have plastic bags so be sure to bring reusable bags or even plastic bags from other stores to put your item in.

***Have cash or your Debit Cards to pay – Aldi does not accept Credit Cards!

***The cashier will put the items into your cart and you can take your cart to the bagging area to pack your bags.



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