Beyond Sandy! Helping Families Affected by Hurricane Sandy!


Emily came across this Facebook page to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy a couple of weeks ago passed it along to me today!  They are collecting Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons (20% off single items, $5 off purchase of $15 or more, 20% off entire purchase) to distribute/send to Hurricane Sandy victims to hardest hit areas in NY. Luckily, Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBB) accepts expired coupons, so any BBB (or associated store) coupon will work. We all probably have these kinds of coupons at our houses!

You can send any coupons you have to the address below.  This is a great way to help out without costing you any money (except for the cost of a stamp).  If you don’t have any coupons or would like to purchase them, Emily let me know that the Sunday Coupon Inserts has plenty (1000 as of right now) that are 25¢ each with a flat rate shipping of 50¢.  I personally have never purchased coupons online.  If you do purchase some, you may want to have them sent directly to the address below (so you don’t have to resend them!)

Beyond Sandy
30-49 50th Street
Woodside, NY 11377

Emily’s family lives in NJ and their 1st floor of their home was completely destroyed, as well as three of their cars. Luckily her family will recover, but she know many families are having a really hard time through all of this, as expected.

Many of us are too far away to volunteer our time to help get these people back on their feet but we can help in other ways like sending coupons, food, personal care items, cleaning supplies and more!  Couponers usually have a nice stockpile that we are happy to share.  After the hurricane and hearing about the destruction, I (Tammy) wanted to help by sending food items but wasn’t sure how.  Luckily  a friend of mine posted on facebook that she knew someone who was driving donations to the victims to be handed out.  I was able to give two big black trash bags of food without heading to the store to shop for it!

I also spotted on the Giant Eagle’s Facebook Page that the Munhall Boy Scout Pack is collecting donations today thru Sunday to donate to a Boy Scout Pack in Staten Island, NY!  If you are near the Pittsburgh Area and would like to donate any items, check out their Facebook Page for all the details!  They also have a great list of items that are needed!

If you know of any groups or pages that are helping out Hurricane Sandy Victims, leave a link in the comments!   If you are one of the people that are affected by the hurricane, let us know what is the most needed item or what others can do to help!

(Thanks for the email and the information about the Bed, Bath & Beyond Coupons Emily!!)



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