Beginner Tips – Getting Catalinas by Shelf Price at Giant Eagle


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I wanted to explain a little about Shelf Price for anyone who may not know about it or that’s confused by it!

Sometimes when Giant Eagle has a Catalina Deal, you must buy a certain number of products to get a Catalina. These are not the times I’m talking about ūüėČ .

Other times, you have to buy a Dollar Amount in order to get the Catalina. ¬†The participating items are usually on sale. ¬†However, in some cases, the register rings up the original price of the item and then deducts the amount needed to bring it down to the sale price. ¬†Therefore, even though you are paying the sale price, you only have to buy the dollar amount based on the regular “shelf” price.

In the ad, if the Giant Eagle rewards card is NOT shown under the sale price, it probably will NOT work on shelf price. ¬†If they GE rewards card is shown, it should work – but can’t be guaranteed.

Here’s an example for this week:

Edy’s Ice Cream 1.5qt is on Sale for 4 for $10 ($2.50 each), but you can see from under the sale price that you are saving $9.96 on 4 using your GE Advantage Card. ¬†So the regular price (Shelf Price) is $19.96 for 4 ($4.99 each) ¬†The register will more than likely ring up $4.99 and deduct $2.49 to bring it down to the sale price of $2.50.

The Catalina is: Get $4 OYNO WYB $12 of particpating products so as long as you reach $12 “Shelf Price”, the Catalina Should print.

Edy’s Ice Cream 1.5qt $2.50 ($4.99 Shelf)
Use: $1/2 Edy‚Äôs products, any (2) 48 oz+ ‚Äď Parade, May 23 2010(expires 7/31!)

Deal Scenario based on Sale Price & just buying the Edy’s Ice Cream:

Buy: 5 Edy’s Ice Cream 1.5qt @ $2.50 each = $12.50
Use: (2) $1/2 Coupons
Pay : $10.50 & get back $4 OYNO = $6.50 ($1.30 each)

Deal Scenario using Shelf Price:

Buy: 3 Edy’s Ice Cream 1.5qt @ $2.50 each = $7.50 (Shelf Price $14.97)
Use: (1) $1/2 Coupon
Pay: $6.50 & get back $4 OYNO = $2.50
($0.83 each!)

Just make sure that you know that this doesn’t always work and you are taking a chance doing it this way . ¬†When the Giant Eagle ad lists the amount you are saving, it more than likely will work, but if it doesn’t have the amount listed, it probably will not work!

Has anyone had good or bad luck with doing it this way? ¬†Let us know ūüôā


  1. This past week my Giant Eagle (Tallmadge, Ohio) stopped using Shelf Price. It was a sad day. The deals are not nearly as good without them… but it is what it is.I found this out on last weeks Eggo, Kellogg’s, Poptart deal. The card was in the ad, but didn’t print a catalina. Customer service was VERY nice, but I still had to go buy more products to get the catalina.


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