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Once watching this video (go here if you can’t see it above), you’ll see why I haven’t made a video before….LOTS of rambling and “ummm’s” .  So I apologize in advance. 😉  My 11 year old daughter helped me out by filming me and we did have a lot of laughs together which was fun 😉  I’m hoping this will answer some of the questions that beginners have when shopping at Giant Eagle.  For more details, read the post below which contains links to quickly find the pages on the Giant Eagle’s website. If you have any questions or need something explained better, just let me know.  Also, If you have any tips or see something I left out, leave a comment below!

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Giant Eagle Coupon Policy: 

  • The coupon has a valid expiration date and has not expired.
  • One coupon per item(s) purchased as stated on the coupon with a maximum of 12 coupons per same 12 items purchased in a 24-hour period per Giant Eagle Advantage Card customer.
  • Coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item(s) purchased. If it does, we can only redeem up to the value of the item(s) purchased. (Excluding sales tax)
  • The original coupon must be presented. Photo copies will not be accepted.
  • Product(s) must be purchased in size and quantity specified on the coupon.
  • Stacking (combining electronic and paper coupons) of manufacturers’ coupons is prohibited.
  • Items must be purchased at the time of redemption.
  • Bottle caps are accepted for redemption as a store coupon with stated coupon guidelines.
  • If you forget to use your coupons at the time of purchase, we will accept them with your receipt and Giant Eagle Advantage Card up to 10 days beyond the date on the receipt.

eOffer Coupons (Electronic Coupons)

  • Coupons must be obtained from our Web site or approved third-party Web Sites: Cellfire, P&G eSavvers, Shortcuts (approved third-party Web Sites are listed on
  • eOffers must be clipped and loaded onto your Giant Eagle Advantage Card prior to redemption.
  • Not subject to doubling.

Printed Internet coupons

  • The coupon must be obtained from a legitimate site.
  • A maximum of two “like” coupons will be accepted.

Giant Eagle DOES NOT accept the following Printed Internet Coupons:

  • “FREE with no purchase necessary” and “Buy One Get One Free”.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any coupons that we believe to be photo copied, counterfeit or invalid for any other reason.
  • Any coupon with a value over $3 will not be accepted except where advertised by Giant Eagle for a specific promotion.

Check Out Coupons

  • Only coupons that say “redeemable at Giant Eagle” will be accepted.
  • Not subject to doubling.

Giant Eagle Coupons

  • Must have a Giant Eagle, GetGo or Market District logo on the coupon.
  • Not subject to doubling.

Double Coupons up to 99¢. Giant Eagle may choose to offer Double Coupons with a face value of 99¢ or less where applicable when the following guidelines are met:

  • Manufacturers’ coupons are doubled only with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card
  • Redeem any manufacturer’s coupon with a valid expiration date, worth up to and including the stated maximum amount clipped from newspapers, magazines or received by mail and we’ll double the savings. This offer applies only to manufacturer product “cents-off” coupons for items and sizes we carry.
  • This offer applies only to manufacturer product “cents-off” coupons for items and sizes we carry.
  • The doubled amount cannot exceed the value of the item purchased.
  • Coupons with a face value over 99¢ will be redeemed at face value only.
  • Cigarettes, tobacco and milk or any other items prohibited by law or the manufacturer are excluded.
  • Not valid on free coupons, eOffer coupons, checkout coupons or Giant Eagle coupons.

Policy may change without notice. Read the policy on their website here  or download it here

My Thoughts:

  • You cannot receive overage.  A Coupon worth more than the product will be adjusted down (ex: $1/1 coupon for a 99¢ item will be adjusted down to 99¢) and a coupon that after doubling will be more than the amount of the product will only double Up to the amount that makes it Free. (ex: A 50¢/1 coupon for a 99¢ item will take off 50¢ plus 49¢ so the item will be free)
  • The policy doesn’t state that printed coupons double, but as long as the barcode starts with a 5 they will.  Barcodes that start with a 9 whether they are printed or cut from inserts will NOT double.  The new barcodes make it difficult to tell if the coupon will double.  It seems that if they state ” do not double or DND” that they will not double.
  • If you forget your coupons or just don’t have them at the time of shopping, you can bring in your receipt along with your Giant Eagle Rewards Card within 10 days and get reimbursed for your coupons.  I LOVE this part of the policy!
  • There is a limit of 12 like coupons in a 24 hour period.  There is also a limit of 2 “like” printed coupons but since it doesn’t state whether it’s a 24 hour period, shopping trip, or transaction, it probably depends on your Giant Eagle as to what they allow.  My Giant Eagle has allowed 2 per transaction so if I have 4 like printed coupons, I just split my order into 2 transactions.
  • Their Policy doesn’t talk about SavingStar which (as of right now) is still “stackable” with paper coupons since the savings doesn’t come off at the register but collects into your account.

Where Catalinas or OYNO’s are listed:

  • Weekly Catalinas are listed on the Giant Eagle’s website here
  • Monthly Catalinas are listed on the Giant Eagle’s website here.  These do not run from the the beginning of the month to the end so check when the current offers expire.
  • Coupon Network: You’ll need to register your stores and then Click on YourBucks Offers (top right-hand of page) to bring up the current catalinas for the stores your shop at.  Be sure to click on Offer Details to see if Giant Eagle is a participating retailer if you signed-up for more than 1 store.  (Mine lists Kroger and Giant Eagle so some offers will be just for Kroger).  You can print these out to see the full details, however, you do not need to present them to the cashier.  They should automatically print the catalina as long as you purchased the correct items.  I like to have mine printed just in case it doesn’t work I can take the printout to customer service.
  • Unadvertised: Many times these are printed from the catalina machine at Giant Eagle even though they aren’t advertised anywhere else.

Tips for Catalinas

  • It’s not always clear whether a catalina will print multiples. We can know for sure that they won’t if they say Buy 5 “OR MORE” & get $X OYNO. Anytime you see the words “or more”, you’ll know not to buy more than that amount in a single transaction.
  • You can “roll” catalinas at Giant Eagle.  If you are splitting up your transaction, you can use the catalina from your first transaction on your second one and still get another catalina (assuming you buy the correct items)
  • Catalinas that state $x OYNO wyb(when you buy) $xx worth of participating products are a little trickier for beginners and sometimes even experienced Giant Eagle Shoppers – If you want to be guaranteed that the Catalina will print or that Customer Service will reimburse you if it doesn’t, then you’ll need to reach the dollar amount by using the current price (sale price) of the items.  If you want to try to get a better deal by using shelf price, I’ll explain this below.  Shelf price is not guaranteed and Customer Service will NOT reimburse you if it doesn’t work so keep that in mind before trying it.

Using Shelf Price on Catalinas

  • Shelf Price can be tried on catalinas that you need to reach a certain dollar amount and NOT on the ones you have to buy a certain amount of products.  (ex: Buy 3 Dole products & get $1 OYNO – you have to buy 3 for this catalina), (ex: Buy $25 worth of participating products & get $5 OYNO – you can try shelf price on this catalina!)
  • Shelf Price is the regular price at your store.  This price will vary by store so BE SURE to check the tag at your store when doing your math.
  • Read my Beginner Tips on getting Catalinas by Shelf Price
  • Whether or not a catalina that is going by shelf price is printing multiples is a big deal! Let’s say, you need to reach $25 to get a $5 catalina.  Printing multiples means that if you reach $5o, you’ll get (2) $5 Catalinas.  This can sweeten the deals since you want to try to reach the catalina amount without going over to much to get the best deal.  This isn’t a great example, but I hope it helps to explain….as you can see from the video I was having a hard time putting this into words!  This week, thru 4/4, you can buy $25 worth of item and get $5 OYNO.  One of the participating items is Jif Peanut butter. I’m using this item by itself just to explain even though you can mix and match the items.  The shelf price of Jif is $5.79 with sale price being $4.99.  Shelf price has been confirmed to be working and the deal is also printing multiples.  To reach $25 by shelf price, you need to buy 5 Jifs, however, to reach $50 by shelf price, you only need to buy 9.  Without any coupons, buying 5 and getting one catalina makes each jar $3.99.  Buying 9 jars and getting 2 catalinas makes each jar $3.87.  If you just went by sale price, you would need to buy 6 jars which would make it $4.16 per jar.  This example doesn’t show a huge savings so it’s not the best deal to get, but I just wanted to explain why printing multiples and going by shelf price helps to save money.


  • You can see your current Fuelperks on the Giant Eagle’s website once you are registered and logged-in.
  • See the latest fuelperks offers in the ad or located here.
  • Spend $50 with your Advantage card to get 10¢ fuel perks
  • Earn extra fuelperks with catalina deals: Many times fuelperk deals will also work on shelf price and give you multiples!
  • Fuelperks calculated after all discounts including coupons have been subtracted.
  • Fuelperks expire 2 months after the last day of the month in which they’re earned
  • If you have more fuelperks than the price of gas, the extra amount will carry over – you will not lose it!
  • You can get up to 30 gallons of gas (Do this to get the most savings!), however, you can only fill one car for safety reasons.  Many vehicles do not hold 30 gallons so be sure to bring gas cans with you which is allowed!
  • Read the complete rules and regulations including restrictions.


  • Earn 1% Foodperks for every 10 gallons of gas you pump with your rewards card.
  • These accumulate and you do not have to buy increments of 10 at a time.  If you buy 15 gallons one day, you’ll receive 1% foodperks.  Once you buy an additional 5 gallons, you’ll get another percent.
  • You earn food perks even if you are using your fuelperks rewards!  Let’s say you have enough fuelperks to get 3o gallons of gas for FREE….you will still earn 3% foodperks on that transaction -Yay!
  • Foodperks expire on the last day of the month, three months after they are earned.
  • When redeeming Foodperks, the discount is calculated after all other reductions including coupons.
  • Foodperks must be used in their entirety up to 20% in a single transaction consisting of up to $300.  You cannot split up Foodperks and use a certain amount.  If you have more than 20%, the remaining amount will be carried over.  It’s best to save your foodperks for when you have a larger order with lots of items that we don’t generally have coupons for including meats, fruit, veggies, etc.
  • Read more about FoodPerks Here

B1G1 FREE Sales

  • Giant Eagle rings up their B1G1 FREE sales at half price.  This means that you CAN use a coupon for each item since you aren’t really getting either for Free, but paying half price for each.
  • You do not have to buy 2 items to get the sale price.  Buying just 1 will still give you the sale price.
  • The exception to this rule when fresh meats are on sale for B1G1 Free.  You need to buy 2 to get the deal and the lower priced one will be free. (This not doesn’t include items like Hillshire Farm Kielbasa, Bob Evans Sausage, etc. which will ring up half price)

Understanding the Giant Eagle Matchups

  • When looking at the Giant Eagle Matchups on my site (example: 3/29/12 – 4/4/12), I highlight what I consider to be the BEST deals (stock-up deals) in green, the good deals in pink and all other deals remain black.  Be sure to look over all the deals as their might be something that you use regularly that is a great price that I didn’t mark as a “stock-up deal”.  Items that I do not buy like diapers and other baby items are hard for me to know when it’s a rock-bottom deal!
  • I list coupons that are printable, come from inserts or from All You Magazines since most couponers are able to access these coupons.  Be sure to check your envelopes or binders to see if you have any coupons that you printed that were no longer available to print when I did the match-up or any other coupons you may have from blinkie machines, tear pads, etc.  Also keep an eye out for peelie coupons on the products at the store.
  • I try to list all available coupons, I am not saying to “stack” them together and use more than 1 coupon per item which would be illegal.  I am simply listing the different places you could find coupons for each product.

You can email me with any questions at Tammy (at) or leave a comment below 🙂


  1. I would like to say…it was entertaining and it seems like you had fun making it. keep up the good work i love this blog!

  2. i’m going to try to copy your binder method. i used to do a binder but i had a hard time cutting them and putting them away and ended up with a big mess. but if i only cut the ones i think i’ll use and just keep the rest in the insert i might be able to keep up a little better!


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