Beginner Lesson- Saving Money by Stockpiling

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Let me first say that I don’t have a great stockpile of everything yet, but it’s getting there!

My old way of shopping was to only buy what was needed at that time.  If we had toothpaste, I didn’t buy another one until we were almost out.  I thought I was saving money this way. But guess what?  I was always paying full price.  If I was lucky, I had a coupon, but probably not a sale to match it with.  Now, with my big coupon binder, I always have a few pages of toothpaste, toothbrushes, &  dental floss coupons, so anytime that there is a sale to pair my coupons with that makes them free or really cheap, I get as many as I can. If you are just starting your stockpile, you might pick a few up even if they are $.50 each, but once you have a few for cheap, you can wait to “really” stock up when they are free!   I have probably about 15 tubes right now which to me is plenty.

Just to give you an idea, here is a  list of items that you usually can get for free or really cheap that I would recommend stockpiling!

*toothpaste (free)

*toothbrushes (free)

*dental floss (free)

*pads (free )

*tampons (free – very cheap)

*cereal (free to under $1)

*napkins (free to under $1)

*toilet paper (there hasn’t been any awesome deals lately)

*yogurt ($.5 -$.10 per cup.  You can freeze them for smoothies)

*frozen veggies (free – never pay for these again!)

*cleaners (free lots of times – never pay full price)

*deodorant (free- $1.50)

*tubs of butter (free)

*johnson’s bath buddies soap (free )

*soup (under $.50/can)

*ziploc bags (free – less than $1)

*dish soap (free)

*shampoo/conditioner (free to $1)

*razors (free)

*cheese (less than $1 )

*pasta (free to $.50)

*plus many more!

Okay, now for a stockpiling dilemma that you might run into…..My son loves Fishies (Goldfish-crackers) so when I was able to get them for $.17 a bag, I got 8 of them thinking that he would have fishies for about 2 months!  Anyway, the dilemma is that he finished them in about a week!  So in my house, it’s very hard to stockpile snack food!  The more I have, the more they eat=]

So how does this Save you $$?  When you buy these stockpiling items for free or really cheap, you need to get many at a time.  This is where buying multiple papers comes in handy.  If frozen veggies are on sale and you have one coupon that makes it free, that’s awesome to get a free bag of veggies, BUT, the next time you need veggies, more than likely, you’ll have to pay full price.  If you have many coupons, you can get many bags & never pay full price again.  So, if you never had to pay full price again for the items listed above, you could save a lot of money. Remember that just having a coupon doesn’t necessarily  make for a great price(sometimes it does though).  Most of the time you want to wait for a great sale to use your coupons.

Your grocery cart will start looking different because you won’t just be shopping for what you need that week.  Here are a few pictures of Giant Eagle trips I made and posted about.  Now on a weekly basis, I do get milk, bread, fruits, & vegetables, but usually at Kroger so they are not pictured in these photos.

Things that I personally don’t stockpile:

*bread (I like it fresh & don’t freeze it)

*milk (some say you can freeze it, but again, I like it fresh)

*fresh fruits & vegetables (i just buy what’s on sale)

*meat (once in a while, I will freeze meat, but I never have a stockpile…where would I put all my free frozen veggies-ha ha)

Tip:  If you are new to couponing, it’ll take a month or more to build your coupon collection. Don’t worry if  you don’t have all the coupons to get the current deals….it won’t be long until you are able to score lots of deals!  In the meantime, get the Sunday paper(3-7 copies-depending on your family size), print coupons for items you use, & keep a lookout  for coupons around the grocery store.

Good Luck!  Leave me a comment if you have anything to add to this or have a question!


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