Beat FaceBook at its Own Status Notification Game


Just Say NO!
Sometimes you want nothing more then give the ol’Thumbs Down to Facebook.  Nothing is more of a downer than to have a hot deal or coupon available but you can’t let everyone know about it in their newsfeed.  If your statuses don’t show up in their newsfeed then they will never know that they missed a hot Freebie at their local store!  This is exactly what Facebook is doing to it’s users, especially Bloggers.  The percentage of Facebook fans that actually get a Blogger’s statuses shown in their newsfeed without the host page paying to boost its visibility is appalling.  Facebook will counter this sediment by argueing  content , content, content and say that the more interaction a post gets the more it is seen by your fans.  Facebook is correct but even with the monetary “boost” rarely do status notifications to the readers newsfeed ever get above 20% .

Facebook statuses “Get Notification” Tip

So today a fan of LadySavings let us in on a little known secret, at least it was unknown to me.  It seems that once you like a page, you can actually go back to the like button, click it again and get a few more options.  Here are two screenshots of where this is located.

Facebook Newsfeed

The picture above will be the normal view from a users newsfeed.  Just click the down arrow and click  “Get Notifications”

Facebook Page Statuses

The picture above will be the normal view from LadySavings Facebook Page but this applies to any page.  Just click the “Liked” button again and then click  “Get Notifications”

This unadvertised Facebook feature is a way for an individual user to get nearly every status from that page to show on their newsfeed.   The decision to receive statuses should be up to you, the user, and not a corporation.

So LadySavings Fans take control of what you see and don’t see in your feeds.  If you want to have LadySavings deals and posts show up in your Facebook newsfeed check the “Get Notifications” option today and see what you have been missing!

BTW, another option to get all the deal posts from LadySavings is to head over to our Google+ Business page and include us in your circles.  Google Plus is a powerful search tool and shows every post to your circle of friends and aquaintences.


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