Are Coupon blogs taking over your Facebook?


Does it take you forever to scroll thru your newsfeed to see what your friends are up to because you “liked” too many coupon blogs or other pages (to get a freebie!).  I like a LOT of pages since I want to see if they are doing a new giveaway or advertising a new coupon that’s available so I don’t want to Un-like them, but I want them to be separate from my friends (except for a few of my faves!).  Anyway, here’s how to do that just in case you don’t know how(:

1. Click on Account at the top right-hand of your facebook page

2. Click on Edit Friends (like in the screenshot above)

3. Click on Create a List and it’ll bring up a box where you you will need to enter a name for your list – I named my first one “coupon blogs” and the other “friends”.

4. Add the pages or friends you want in your new list and click on “create list” – then you can make your second list (you can have as many as you want).  That’s it – Very simple!

5. To view your different lists, simply click on “Most Recent” at the top of your main screen and you will see the lists that you created.  You can stay on most recent to have them all together, or you can choose one of your lists to Only see those updates(:


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