Aldi Weekly Ad Deals thru 5/7!

Aldi Weekly ad 5:1:13

Don’t forget to score great deals on items that don’t have coupons like fresh fruits and veggies by going to Alid!  This week they have some great deals!  Check out the Aldi Weekly Ad here.

Avocadoes 69¢!
*these are normally priced $1 or more at local grocery stores.  Be sure to pick one that’s soft but not too squishy!  Make Guacamole or cut up an avocado in your salad – YUMMY!

Yellow Onions 3lb Bag 99¢!
*Ummm….Amazing!  I seriously have an onion addiction 😉

Whole White Mushrooms 8oz 89¢
Little Salad Bar Garden Salad 12oz 69¢
Tomatoes on the Vine 16oz 99¢

Green Peppers 2pk 99¢ *if these are large peppers, this is a great deal!

*Keep in mind that these are only Awesome prices if the fruits & veggies are nice and fresh!  You won’t be saving money if you end up throwing them away.

On a side note, I thought the Flameless Lantern with LED Candle (pictured below) was really cute and a great price…..depending on how large and sturdy it is!



  1. I have tried buying produce at Aldi’s, but find that the quality is much inferior to the regular grocery stores. The prices are lower, but so are the item sizes and quality.

    • I’ve had both good and bad experiences at Aldi. There have been times where everything looked really great and I couldn’t believe at how low the prices were and there were other times that the fruit and veggies looked like they were already going bad and the sizes were really small. You could always price match the Aldi ad at Walmart and get your fruit and veggies from them 🙂

  2. Hmm. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, or maybe “my” Aldi’s just gets better stuff! The quality does seem to vary from store to store. I like the one in Robinson.

    I’ve been skipping Giant Eagle’s produce section almost entirely, unless I’m using some of their come-back-to-us produce coupons.

    And avocados? I haven’t tried it, but I’ve read that you can peel, pit, wrap & freeze them.

    • I shop at the one in Robinson once in a while when I’m in the area shopping at GE (unless I spend too much time in GE and have to rush back to get the kids off the bus). I’ll be in Steubenville OH later today so I may check out their Aldi and see what goodies I can find 🙂


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