$5 Bonus for signing up with Plink! Takes less than 5 minutes!


**Update:  I just joined this morning, got the 500 points just for signing up and redeemed them for a $5 Amazon Gift Card.  It stated that it could take up to 3 days to get the Amazon code, but I had mine by dinner time 🙂  That was fast!  I don’t know how long this $5 offer will last so if you are interested in joining Plink, I wouldn’t wait!

I didn’t want to tell you guys about this Plink offer until I signed up myself.  It took me less than 5 minutes to sign up this morning and I’ve been checking out the rewards to see if it’s worth it 🙂 Right now Plink is offering a $5 Sign-Up bonus JUST for signing up. You can grab Amazon, Walmart, Kohls or other $5 Gift Cards!

Here’s how to sign-up!  Go HERE and Simply enter your name, email address and password.  You then have type the name of the bank that issues your credit card or choose from the list.

My credit card wasn’t on the list so I had to type in the name and it popped up. You will then need to sign-in to your Credit Card account.  It’ll take just a second and you will receive a message like the one below.

Now here comes the fun part:)  Choose up to 3 Restaurant deals to add to your Plink Wallet.  They have Arby’s, Burger King, Outback Steakhouse, Taco Bell, Regal Cinemas and more!  If you printed the B1G1 FREE Whopper Coupon a month or so ago, it’s still good thru March 2nd or 3rd!  This would be a great time to use it 🙂  

As I stated above, they have Amazon, Walmart, Kohls and many more Gift Cards available!  It takes 500 Plink Points to get the $5 Gift Cards below.

After signing up today, you will automatically receive 500 points and can get a $5 reward 🙂  I already requested the Amazon Gift Card…..I can ALWAYS use that 🙂

Example of how to get $5 Gift Card (other than the FREE one for signing up):

**Eat out ONCE at Outback spending $60 or more =  600 Plink Points = $5 REWARD!
Plus 100 points toward another reward!)

**Stop for lunch at Burger King, Arby’s Taco Bell, etc. a total of 8 times during the reward period and spend at least $5 each time (for a total of $40) = 560 Plink Points = $5 REWARD!
(Plus 100 points toward another reward!)

I’m guessing offers will change and new restaurants will be added, however, as long as the offer is still valid you can use it multiple times!

I wish they would have had this when my kids were little!  They loved going to Burger King and playing on the playset!  We don’t eat out a whole bunch anymore but it’ll be nice to earn Gift Cards when we do!  It’s worth trying out just for the $5 Bonus!

Let me know if you have been using Plink and what your opinions are about it!



  1. Hi Tammy- how long did it take for your 500 points to show up for signing up? Mine shows 0, but I just linked my credit card, so wondering if it takes a while? Thanks!

    • It was within 20 minutes or so. I signed up, entered my credit card and then started taking screenshots, doing the math with the deals (how much we would have to spend to get $$, etc.). I would give it an hour at most. Let me know if it doesn’t show up for you. I had not trouble but if others start having trouble then I would want to update and let everyone know.

  2. Hi Tammy – I just wanted to let you know that I signed up and redeemed for the Amazon gift card…can’t wait til it comes. Thanks again for another awesome deal;)


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