$10 Giant Eagle Gift Card Giveaway!


Giant Eagle Gift Card Giveaway

Update: This Giveaway has ended.  Congrats to Nicole “nikkimommy”!  Stay tuned for more giveaways!

As a special “Thank-You” to my readers I am going to be giving away a $10 Giant Eagle Gift Card to 1 Lucky Winner 🙂  Enter thru November 10th at 9am EST!

This week is Super Simple! 

I want my site to be as user-friendly as possible.  John recently emailed me and told me how much he likes the “old style” coupons.com versus the new style.  I had never thought to embed the coupon printing sites onto my blog….which is the only way to view coupons.com the old way.  You can now find all of them (including the old-style coupons.com) listed right below my header! (Thanks John for that suggestion!)

I also have the quick-links to the Giant Eagle Weekly Ad Match-ups (This brings up ONLY the Full Match-ups) and to the Giant Eagle Deals (this will list ALL posts about Giant Eagle) on the right-hand sidebar.  I hope that this saves you time while looking for the deals!

Lastly, I’ve started doing a weekly round-up of the Best Deals on Saturday or Sunday especially for those that just want to run in and get the HOTTEST Deals that week.

Anyway………my question to you guys……is there something else you would like to see on Lady Savings?  Something that would make my site more user-friendly?  I’d love to hear your ideas!  If you don’t have a new idea, is there something you like that you want me to keep doing?  Would you like a mobile friendly site?  Are you a beginner and need the deals explained better? Just let me know!  It’s just me (Tammy) and hubby that work on the site  so I can’t promise that I can do everything but your suggestions will be a great help in letting me know what my readers would like to see!

To enter for the $10 Gift Card, please leave just one comment below with an answer to the question above (it can be as long or short as you like!)

I will announce the winner on Saturday or Sunday in the “Best Giant Eagle Deals Round-up” that I post every weekend so be sure to check back!  You have until Saturday morning at 9am EST to enter!   This is not sponsored by Giant Eagle.


  1. This may be tough, but a spot where we can update deals etc according to specific GEs in the area. I know that sometimes my store doesn’t have the item that your store has or visa versa. I know we all shop at many different GEs so maybe a section where you list the GEs and we update anything specific for that store. Where to find items, maybe they don’t carry an item, clearance deals, etc.

    • Great idea! I set up a forum where I was hoping these kinds of things could go and it would be easy to see since it wouldn’t get lost way down the page. I need to work on that! Thanks!

  2. OMG, Thanks for letting me know the “OLD WAY” link above. Moves alot quicker that way. I hate how when I want to print it twice I have to keep clicking page by page until I get to the end. Definitely will come in handy with my sloooow laptop.

    I do love when you post a coupon and we can click your link and it takes us right to the coupon instead of playing hide and seek. Thanks so much for that!

    The only suggestion I could think of, is there a way of putting the time along with the day when somethings posted? Sometimes if I am not able to find something, it may be that it was awhile ago and it’s already gone. I could quickly glance and see how long ago you posted it.

    • Great idea! I looked into this after seeing your comment and it involves coding….so I’m going to have to get hubby’s help on that one 🙂 I’m not sure why it’s not as easy as checking a box?

      I try to add the direct link whenever possible. In this week’s GE deals there were a few deals that needed a specific zipcode so I pointed it to the coupons on my site since it seems easier to add the zip and sort by category with the old style. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I love your site! It is so helpful to find all the Giant Eagle deals and matchups in one place. One helpful thing may to have a coupon helper post each week. In which you could give some helpful hints to couponing. Thanks!

  4. I’m newer to this site…just starting couponing within the year….so far i love the site the way it is!!!

  5. Thanks so much, Tammy! Love your site and your great community of users. One idea (although to be honest I have no idea how difficult this is to implement) is instead of or in addition to CleanPrint, having a system like IHeartPublix does where you get a spreadsheet of your grocery list and you can select/deselect which coupons you have. CleanPrint is nice, but it eliminates your color-coding (at least for me) which I greatly miss! I usually end up working off your “normal” post so I can quickly see what is a stock-up deal and which deals I should pass up.

    • I have the same problem with clean print! Even though I’m the one who highlights the deals, I still like to see the colors when I’m deleting the ones I don’t want so I can go thru them quickly:) What I do that may work for you as well is highlight and copy the entire list and then paste it into an email. The colors will all stay intact and I can delete the items I don’t want. I print one off to take to the store and also send myself an email just in case I forget my printed one 🙂 I’ll take a look at IHeartPublix and see what she has! Thanks!

  6. Thank u for all ur advice. Started using ur site a year ago… A co-worker got me started couponing. I’m not extreme, but it definitely saves my family money in the long run.

  7. The new site works well for me. I use the site and also Facebook to keep track of the deals at Giant Eagle.

  8. First of all, I love that you take the time out of your busy schedule to do the coupon match ups, makes my life so much easier, so a big THANKS! 🙂

    Is there a reason that the clean print tab does not work of IE only on chrome? Or is it just me lol

    I found out a while ago that when using the clean print if I get rid of the things I do not want and ‘add a note’ and copy and paste from your deals the color coding stays, and it prints in color as well 😀 So I just been deleting everything when I pull up clean print then go trough and copy and paste the deals I want from another tab. Maybe this is something you can get the hubby on? lol

  9. I can’t think of a single thing to change. Actually, I am amazed at how frequently you update your site! I check your site everytime I get on the computer, always something new added… love it!

  10. I think of you often and wonder how on earth you manage to have a life while doing all of this work for us! I hope you know how appreciated you are!

    I love the fact that you use your Facebook page in conjunction with the site. Sometimes my schedule gets hectic and I don’t think to check the website, but Facebook posts still direct me here! There have been a couple of times where I almost missed out on great deals but Facebook saved the day! =)

  11. I love this site, and use it all the time. I would like to know a way to check if catalinas that are listed on the site (but not in the ad) are offered in my specific Giant Eagle. Sometimes I get the catalina; other times I don’t. Is there somewhere I can check this out?

  12. I depend on your site weekly to match coupons to sale prices at GE. Can’t think of anything that needs improved.
    I do have a question…Is there any quick way to get to the end of the coupon.com offers r/t scrolling through the entire listing. When I want to print a second good coupon, there’s no fast way to repeat it a second time as these coupons are put in the rear. Thanks!

    • Wow! No Coupons in the paper?! That’s a bummer! Is there a nearby town or a different paper you can get that does have some of the coupons in them? There are clipping services that you can “buy” coupons from. Be careful if you do buy them that you are getting them from a reputable company and if the coupon sounds too good to be true then it’s more than likely a fraudulent one. Maybe some readers will know of legitimate sites. Also, there are SO many printable coupons that you can still score a lot of deals even without coupons from the paper. Giant Eagle limits the printed coupons to 2 per transaction (max of 12 like coupons per day). You can usually print 2 coupons from each computer/iPhone/iPad, etc. Plus, be sure to look around the store while shopping for tearpad coupons, pamphlets and blinkie coupons. I think it’s fine to grab a few of these when you find them (not the whole tearpad – lol). These may not make for a great deal at the time, but just collect them and wait for a sale or take them to another store that has a sale! Many blinkie coupons that I find at GE will not double so be sure to look a the coupon. If the barcode starts with a 9 it will not double (or with the new barcode, if it states DND, then it won’t). Also,for your favorite products, you could email the company and let them know that you really like their products and would love if they had any coupons available for them since you don’t receive any in your local paper. HTH:)

      • I have used mycouponhunter.com for clipped insert coupons several times. Shipping is only 50c and if your total is over $5, then shipping is FREE. She ships them pretty quickly (e.g. placed an order really late on a Monday night and I received them in my mailbox on Friday). I love that they are already clipped and I think her prices are very reasonable. Previously I ordered thru ebay with mixed feelings and I definitely spent way more time having to researching the seller(s) and items on ebay. I mainly purchase from mycouponhunter.com and now use ebay as a backup.

  13. Like you site just the way it is. Is is easy and user froiendly. I cannot think of any futher inmprovement and love all you do for us. Thank you.

  14. I think the only thing that I need to have now is the ‘old’ coupons.com links 🙂 A mobile friendly sight might be good too for an emergency but I like easy and user friendly the way it is now 🙂

  15. I love your site but I wish that some of the coupons that are in the paper were listed instead of printing so many. I go through the ink and paper like crazy LOL

  16. I love your site! It is one of just a handful I check daily. I’ve found it the most helpful for local and specific deals at Giant Eagle. I have found the comments of all the visitors to be very insightful and informative…. most times if I have a question it is answered by the comments below the post! The comments and unadvertised deals frequently sent in by readers are a strength of your site. Thank you, Lady Savings, and those willing to write in.

  17. First, thank you for all your hard work. I love this webite! I do not know if this is possible but I would love to have a list of the best price and store to buy common household products each week. Items that come to mind are milk, diapers, bath tissue, paper towels, and laundry detergent. Thanks!

  18. i just started couponing love your site the best. When i get confused i just leave a comment and you are great at answering it right away. The only thing i would say to do is give a price on items with and without fuel perks included. Thanks for all you do

  19. I’d LOVE a mobile-friendly version. But other than that, I lovelovelove your site and it’s my go-to for GE deals before I shop!!

  20. I’m not very tech-savvy but I always have a hard time finding a past post. Most of the time I do a search on a blog for the post and can find it fairly quickly but I can’t find such a button on your site (Meaning it might be there and I’m missing it 🙂 ) Could one be incorporated if not? Do you have a suggestion for a quicker way to find old posts?

    • Hi Linda! I have one on the bottom of the sidebar on the right. I had a google one up top and a regular one down bottom, but I hated the google one…..all the posts were out of order so I removed it. Anyway, the one I do have right now will list the posts in order….if you don’t find it on the bottom, check the whole right sidebar because I will be trying to move it up higher soon 🙂 Great suggestion!

  21. I really think you have went above and beyond in listening for advice. The site runs wonderfully for me, I can find everything I need, and since I don’t have a online mobile device I don’t have a need for any other changes. What you do is tedious, and I really appreicate it.

    Nothing to give you here. Sorry. Keep doing what you are doing.

  22. I love the best deal posts you create and LOVE the fact that you post the match-ups so quickly!! You are terrific!


  24. I love your website. I have gotten so many amazing deals thanks to you!!! I am on your site everyday (multiple times a day). I would miss so many great deals if it wasn’t for you. Seems like every other blogger has deals for every store that isn’t near me. You are seriously a blessing to those of us who shop at Giant Eagle!! Thanks for all your hard work!!! <3

  25. I love the site and how you are constantly updating us on the sales and matchups throughout the week. With the holiday season coming up, maybe you could give input on some of the best Black Friday deals or point us to some of your favorite BF websites as we get closer to the big day. Thanks for all you do!

  26. I love your site. Please don’t switch to a mobile version. I recently stopped using a “sister” site because of the mobile version and they completely changed the formatting and layout of that site. Continue focusing on Giant Eagle. One other suggestion… compiling the post? I don’t know if that’s possible but sometimes I have to search through multiple posts to find what I’m looking for.

  27. I love that fact that you started to do a “weekly best deals” round-up. You have the absolutely best GE match-ups! Thanks.

  28. I love the link for the GE deals on the sidebar, before I head out to the store I just click it and double check my list. I wouldn’t change anything, thanks for all you do! 🙂

  29. Nope. Your site is one of the easier ones to use. Wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you for all your hard work and all the time it takes to provide these matchups.

  30. Your site is the best around for matching. I would love to hear more about how you use your deals, ie: recipes and/or do you use freezer meals and meal planning????

  31. It might be nice to do like a $50 dollar shopping trip and highlight the things you would buy if you only had $50 to spend that week.

  32. Love your site! I am amazed how often you update. I check several times a day and have been getting great deals. Thank you for all of your time and effort! You are helping so many!

  33. I love the site and really appreciate all the time you put into it. Some kind of mobile site might be good. I know I’ve been at the store several times and have wanted to go back to check on a deal and have to go to my Facebook to get to your site then find the deal. Also maybe a way to search the deals for something specific instead of having to go through looking for it.

  34. I am a new to your site, and I love it. My only suggestion is to use one symbol for stock-up instead of three levels.

  35. Really like everything. I started to list each thing separately and then I could have been typing forever. Really appreciative for all you do.
    Hope is lucky for me. I believe I was last week or at least close.
    Thanks so so much. (as i’m writing there is a GE commercial on tv)

  36. Please don’t do a mobile, I had the same Ashley had with other sites and formatting (changing buttons and tools I use daily). Or just make it an option for computer users? Not sure if that is possible. LOL personally I loooooove giveaways. Could you do more? Anyway, I wanted to say I count on LS for quality matchups and deals. Some sites list EVERY deal, but I don’t want every deal! We are an extremely tight budget with one kid and a bun in the oven!

  37. I love your site first of all, its the most comprehensive giant eagle matchups out there! My only suggestion would be to have just one page that you can add follow up deals to after the matchups have been posted for the week. I know you make a lot of separate postings for more giant eagle deals as they come just sometimes its takes awhile to go back and read each one before going to GE again. So if you could just create one giant eagle updates for the week page and add to it as they come along that would be great!

  38. Love the site, but i do have a suggestion. Perhaps have a running catalina page for GE. When I lived in Cincy, I followed Iheartkroger.com and she has a similar page and we could email her anytime we got a new catalina strip (see below).


    For instance, I got 1.00 back for purchasing a TGIFriday frozen snack which was a nice surprise (on 11/7)

  39. When planning a shopping trip for the week, I find myself looking through both the “best deals” and “match ups”, but sometimes there are multiple “deals” noted for the same week and I’m not sure where it’s best to look or if they could be consolidated more and easier to find when just planning a trip in a given week. I really appreciate all that you do and this new gift card giveaway opportunity.

  40. Thanks for ALL your hard work!! This is one of my fave couponing sites to visit-hardly do i ever “mess up” the deals or coupons when using your deals.

    A running catalina strip would be nice like stated above- but overall your site is awesome!

  41. I only get to drive to our area Giant Eagle about once every month or 2, so I find your site my guiding light! Im not sure I could ask for any changes!

  42. I would also like to say thank you for all the work you do with keeping us up to date on all the deals… I’ve also wondered if you have any spare time! I used to check a few sites for Giant Eagle deals and now only use yours, I love the new site!

  43. The site works great for me just the way it is. Thank you for the “old style” coupons.com – I don’t care very much for the new one. Thanks for all the time and energy you both put into this GE site.


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