Saving Money With A Clothes Drying Rack!

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Clothes Drying Rack

1 Easy Way to Save Big on Your Electric Bill with a Clothes Drying Rack!

When looking for ways to save money, I first looked at cutting my greatest monthly expense (excluding my house and car payments) which was my grocery bill. Couponing has allowed me to greatly lower this bill!  My second highest monthly expense was my electric bill, which I have tried for years to lower without any success!

I’m sure you’ve heard many tips about saving money on your electric bill:

  • Unplug items when not in use
  • Turn-off lights
  • Switch to CFL bulbs
  • Buy energy-star appliances
  • Change furnace filters
  • Keep your fridge and freezer full
  • Don’t turn the furnace up too high/air conditioner too low

I’ve tried most of these and I feel aside from the heating/cooling tip that none of them make a huge impact!  I’m sure they save some money, but if you want to do 1 EASY thing to save big, I would suggest you STOP drying your laundry in a dryer!  

A little over a month ago I bought a Clothes Drying Rack (pictured above) for around $32 on Amazon and started using it right away.  The drying rack paid for itself in 6 days!  This might sound crazy, but I actually enjoy hanging my clothes out to dry. 🙂 When the laundry is almost dry, I throw it in the dryer for about 5 minutes to soften the clothes….except for my husband’s jeans – he loves his jeans a little crunchy – lol! 

How much will you save on your electric bill by using a clothes drying rack?
How much you will save depends on how many loads of laundry you typically wash and dry each month. I wash and dry about 45 loads per month, and after using the Clothes Drying Rack for only 1 month my electric bill went down $180!  This is the lowest my electric bill has been in 12 months!  Other factors (such as the weather) play a role in the overall total, but I’m guessing I will see a lower electric bill from now on, and you can too!


  1. I actually do this with most of my clothes but not my towels. The only difference is I take them out of the washer and throw them in the dryer for about 5 mins and then hang them while they are a little warm and then when they are dry I throw them in again for another 5 mins. I have a line inside my basement for the winter or when it’s raining. Every little bit helps with the electric bill.

  2. I used to hang laundry out most of the time, but have gotten lazier as time goes on. What I do do is to tumble and partially dry the clothes in the dryer for about 15 min. then take them out and hang them on hangers to finish drying. Triple savings…electricity, wear and tear on dryer, and clothes last longer. If you go outside and check the electricity meter while the dryer is running, you will see that little wheel going around pretty fast, indicating that there is a lot of electricity being used.

    • That’s what I tell my girls when they laugh that I am hanging up clothes – I let them know it’s better for their clothes and they will last a lot longer! We’ve been thru a few dryers over the years so hopefully we won’t need a new one for quite a while…things like that seem to break at the worst time.

  3. Better for your clothes but not in the direct summer sun. Watch out or you will see those bright colors fade quickly.

    • I usually only put my towels in the sun since I bleach them anyway 😉 Many times I hang the regular clothes inside to dry. Good tip! My girls would be mad at me if I faded their clothes 🙂

  4. I have a gas dryer but still hang most things most of the time. I have quite the setup in my basement. If I ever get it more cleaned and organized I’ll share pictures 😉

    • I’d love to see them! Our dog that sheds like crazy is in our basement so I dry the clothes on the rack in our bedroom in the winter. My husband always says it’s like a rainforest in there since there ends up being a lot of moisture in the air – lol 🙂

  5. Curious Tammy….its been a year since you first posted this. How have your savings been over the past 12 months?

    • We are still using the rack 🙂 It’s hard to judge our savings especially this summer. We didn’t use our pool’s solar cover very often this summer and we like to keep our pool pretty warm….so I know that added a pretty penny to our bill 😉 But, we definitely still use the drying rack daily – some days we have it outside while other days we just put it inside and have a fan blowing on it. I know our electricity bill would be much higher if we didn’t use it.


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