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Crisco Coupons

Crisco Coupons

Print the latest Crisco Coupons available!

Are you in the baking mood? Don't miss out on all the great deals you can get on Crisco shortening and Crisco oil! One of the best options Crisco has is they even sell Crisco baking sticks, where you can easily measure out just how much you need; and their oil comes in all different varieties, ranging from coconut oil and vegetable oil to canola oil! Are you doing a lot of baking? Pick up a can of Crisco to save even more money! Although, one of my favorite Crisco products is Crisco cooking spray. Now you can cut down your cooking time and instantly have your pan ready to go without having to wait for the butter to melt!

We will keep you up-to-date on all of the latest Crisco Coupons and Deals! Simply scroll through these printable Crisco coupons so you don't miss out on a great deal with Crisco oil coupons or Crisco shortening coupons! Happy baking!

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Featured Crisco Coupons:

Sorry, no printable coupons are available at this time.
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RARE Crisco Oil and Shortening Coupon and Deals!

Crisco Coupons

Crisco Coupon

Update:  The Crisco coupon is now gone.

You will want to hurry and grab this NEW Crisco Coupon!  Even though it’s only has a $.25 value, that’s $.50 at Giant Eagle after the coupon doubles!  Combine that with sales, and you will get a great deal! We don’t see many Crisco Oil or Crisco Shortening coupons so get this while you can!

Check out the Giant Eagle and Walmart deals on Crisco below!  You can use this Crisco coupon for ANY Crisco product including the Crisco spray at Walmart!

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Giant Eagle Deal
Walmart Deals

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Crisco Coupon has RESET plus we have a NEW Ibotta Offer!!

crisco coupons

Crisco Coupon

*Update:  This  Crisco Coupon has RESET plus a NEW ibotta offer popped up this morning!  I’m surprised that this coupon is even still available!!

Wow!  We do not see Crisco Coupons very often!  Be sure to grab this one fast!  We have some great deals right now after coupon and ibotta offer…but even just to have a coupon for Crisco is awesome!  Be sure to check out the other Walmart and Giant Eagle deals!

  • This coupon cannot be clipped at the bottom of this post (like I normally have it)  – you need to go HERE to print it!

Giant Eagle Deals
Walmart Deals

RARE Crisco Coupon! Don’t Wait to Print!

crisco shortening coupons

Crisco Coupons

We have a RARE 25¢/1 Crisco Shortening Coupon to print!  You will want to print and hold this coupon…..we WILL be seeing a sale soon – we always do around this time of the year!  I personally would rather pay a little more for the sticks and not have the mess of measuring shortening – I LOVE the sticks!!

The HOT Pillsbury Baking Mix or Frosting Coupon I posted is something you want to print AND use right away so that you can get brownie mix for only 30¢ at Giant Eagle!

Giant Eagle Deals

Hobby Lobby Promo Code

RESET: Crisco Shortening for Walmart Deals and Giant Eagle Deals!

Crisco Shortening

The Crisco Coupon has RESET!  This means that if you already printed it when it first came out in February, you can print it again!  Crisco is something I always needs so anytime Crisco coupons are available, I print them!  You will find that the Giant Eagle deals are slightly better than the Walmart Deals since this Crisco coupon will double at Giant Eagle!

crisco shortening coupons Giant Eagle Coupons Walmart Deals

Walmart Deals with Crisco Shortening

Crisco Shortening 16oz $2.34
75¢/1 Crisco Oil Coupon
Final Price: $1.59

Crisco Shortening Sticks 3ct. $3.68
75¢/1 Crisco Printable Coupon
Final Price: $2.93

Giant Eagle Deals with Crisco Shortening

Crisco Shortening 16oz $2.89
75¢/1 Crisco Printable Coupon
Final Price: $1.39!

Crisco Shortening Sticks 3ct. $3.99
75¢/1 Crisco Oil Coupon
Final Price: $2.49

This Crisco coupon seems to not show up in all browsers.  If you can’t see the coupon simply try a different browser and click the link again to be taken directly to the coupon.


RARE Crisco Shortening Coupons and Giant Eagle Deal!

crisco shortening

*Update:  If you can’t see this coupon, try changing browsers.  I cannot see it in Safari but it shows up in Firefox.  However, my hubby can see it in both Safari and Firefox on his computer….weird?!

We have a RARE 75¢/1 Crisco Printable Coupon that I found under zip code 43964.  If you make a lot of Pie Crusts, this is the time to stock-up on Crisco!  I prefer the Crisco sticks when making pie crust since it saves time and there is no mess!

Giant Eagle does not have a sale right now, but this Crisco coupon makes for a great deal anyway!

Giant Eagle Deal for Crisco Coupons

Crisco Shortening 16oz $2.89
75¢/1 Crisco Printable Coupon
Final Price: $1.39!

Crisco Shortening Sticks 3ct. $3.99
75¢/1 Crisco Printable Coupon
Final Price: $2.49

*This 75¢/1 Crisco Printable Coupon will not show up in the page on my blog so I linked directly to the page.  If the coupon doesn’t automatically pop to the top for you, you’ll need to log-in to your account (top right-hand corner) and change your zip code to 43964.

Use Crisco Spray Coupons for Giant Eagle Deal!

crisco Spray

Run and Grab this RARE 75¢/1 ANY Crisco Product Printable Crisco Coupon!!  This Crisco coupon is one of those tricky ones….it won’t show up in all browsers for some reason.  I had to switch from Safari to Firefox to print it.

Remember that this coupon states “ANY” Crisco product so you do not have to buy the item pictured.

Giant Eagle Deal with Crisco Coupons

Crisco Canola Oil 16oz  $2.85
75¢/1 ANY Crisco Product Printable Coupon
Final Price: $1.35! 

Crisco Vegetable Oil $2.89
75¢/1 ANY Crisco Product Printable Coupon
Final Price: $1.39
*as a price comparison, the Giant Eagle brand is $2.49 

Crisco Shortening 16oz $2.99
75¢/1 ANY Crisco Product Printable Coupon
Final Price: $1.49 

Crisco Shortening Sticks 3ct. $3.99
75¢/1 ANY Crisco Product Printable Coupon
Final Price: $2.49!  
*I love these sticks for baking!