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New Playtex Sport Coupon Available to Print for Walgreens, Target, or Giant Eagle


Playtex Coupon

We have a new Playtex Sport coupon available for the Playtex Sport Tampons.  We don’t currently have any amazing deals right now anywhere; but you still may want to print this now to hold for possible sales in the future.  Right now, you can pick up a 36-count Playtex Sport Tampons at Target for $4.99 each or $5.99 at Giant Eagle.

Garnier Money Maker Sneak Peek!

garnier coupon deal at Giant Eagle

Walgreens also does have a sale as well if you are really in need of some tampons right now.  Currently, you will receive 2,000 bonus points when you purchase (2) select packages of Playtex Sport tampons.  You can also earn 5X your everyday points with a coupon in last week’s Walgreens ad, giving you a total of 2,650 overall points after using (2) Playtex Sport coupons.



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Advil PM Coupon: As Low As $4.72 Each at Walgreens!


Advil PM Coupon

Walgreens shoppers: we have a nice deal on Advil PM right now, thanks to a bonus points sale.  Right now, Advil PM is on sale for $8.99 each; and you will also earn 2,000 bonus points when you purchase (2) select Advil products.

Arm & Hammer Deals!

Arm and Hammer Deal

Even better, we also have an Advil PM printable coupon; AND be sure to be on the lookout for the Walgreens Healthy Sleep booklet containing a Walgreens coupon for Advil PM!  And don’t forget, you can also earn 5X your everyday points through the 28th with a Walgreens coupon in this week’s ad!  Earn as much as 2,550 total points when you purchase (2) Advil PM 40 count bottles!


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New Rare Curad Coupon = FREE at Giant Eagle and Dollar Tree

Curad done

Curad Coupon

Update: We now have a great deal at Walgreens as well.  Through 06/04/16, you can earn 5,000 bonus points when you purchase $15 worth of select products, including Curad bandages!  Pair this with an offer for 5X your Everyday points, and earn up to 5,550 points for 4 Curad products, making these just $1.35 each after coupon, Mobisave deposit, and overall points!


Update:  A NEW Curad coupon has been added that makes for a FREEBIE at both Giant Eagle and Dollar Tree!

We have a rare Curad coupon in this weeks Smart Source insert, as well as a printable Curad coupon! Usually these coupons are for the pricier items, but this one is for any product!

FREE Welch’s Fruit Snacks!

welchs fruit snack dollar tree

Dollar Tree and Giant Eagle carries Curad bandages in different sizes.  However, not all Dollar Tree or Giant Eagle stores carry the same items at the same time; so be sure to check your local store! I have both Curad deals and the rare coupons below!


Hobby Lobby Promo Code

Mitchum Dry Spray Deodorant Coupon and Deals as low as $.99!

mitchum dry spray at Giant Eagle

Mitchum Deodorant Coupon

We have a high-value Mitchum doeodorant coupon for the NEW Mitchum Dry Spray Antiperspirant! Diane spotted this at Giant Eagle (thanks for the picture)!

Printable Mitchum Coupon:

We should be seeing a sale soon at Giant Eagle since this is a new product, however, if you want to try this out REALLY soon, head to Walgreens on Sunday where you will pay only $.99!! See the details below!

Money-Maker at Target!


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Playtex Coupons and Freebies At Target, Giant Eagle, and Walgreens!


Playtex Coupons

Update: Shopmium no longer allows coupons to be used with their rebates. 

Oh wow!  You will NOT want to wait on this deal!  Playtex Sport are now on Shopmium; and they are giving a WHOPPING $3 back on ANY size Playtex Sport package.  Even better though, they also have a limit of 20 rebates per customer!  We also have several Playtex Sport coupons available, including a nice $2/1 printable Playtex Sport coupon.  This makes for freebies on several Playtex Sport products, including Playtex Sport tampons at Giant Eagle!

Aquafresh Toothpaste Coupon = as low as FREE at Giant Eagle (thru 4/13)!

Aquafresh finished

Or, turn the purchase of Playtex Sport Ultra Thin Pads at Target into a freebie!  But, you can actually score a moneymaker at Walgreens on the 54count Playtex liners after receiving 2,000 bonus points when you purchase 2 select Playtex Sports products!

Nasacort and Allegra Deals (no end date)


Although this rebate offer is dated to last until 05/07/16, I do not expect it to actually last this long.  DO NOT WAIT if you’re interested!  Also, Shopmium occasionally will reduce off to purchase price any coupons used, and therefore not give overage.  However, some may even receive full credit, giving moneymakers on these freebies (YMMV)


Nasacort and Allegra Coupons = Stock Up Deals At Giant Eagle, Target, and Walgreens!


Nasacort and Allegra Coupons

Did you see the new Allegra and Nasacort rebate in this week’s Red Plum?  Well, we have several AMAZING deals right now on Nasacort and Allegra after some high value Nasacort and Allegra coupons, rebates, and sales!  You can get stock up deals at either Giant Eagle, Target, or Walgreens since ALL THREE are running specials when you purchase these products!

Not only can you receive bonuses at all three stores, but we also have additional Mobisave rebates as well.  Pick up Allegra and Nasacort at Target for as low as $2.09 each, Giant Eagle as low as $3.37 each, or Walgreens as low as $2.24 each!

Also, don’t forget to check your Find N Save app for possible additional savings at Giant Eagle!  Don’t have Find N Save?  Be sure to read about it here in the FAQ!

Carmex Coupon Deal (no end date)

Carmex Coupon

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Rare Doritos Coupon and Deal! As low as $1.49 Per Bag!


Doritos Coupon

We have a rare Doritos Coupon to print and although I don’t have a great Giant Eagle deal to tell you about, I can tell you that you can score an AWESOME deal this week at another store 🙂  See the deal below!