Good Thins Coupon and Stock Up Deal at Target and Giant Eagle!


Nabisco Good Thins Coupon

Update: We have a new Checkout51 Deposit for Nabisco Good Thins this week!  Pick up Good Thins crackers at Target for as low as $0.43 each; or run to Giant Eagle to pick up two boxes for $1.74 each.

Stock up on Nabisco Good Thins at Target or Giant Eagle this week.  Right now, Nabisco Good Thins are currently on sale at Giant Eagle for $2 each; but you can pick them up for just $1.25 each after a Nabisco coupon.

Smucker’s Deals!

Smuckers Done

Or, if you’re a Target shopper, you can pick up Nabisco Good Thins for even cheaper when a new, high-value Nabisco Good Thins Target Cartwheel offer.  Pick up Nabisco Good Thins for just $0.93 each after Target Cartwheel and a Nabisco coupon.



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Frigo CheeseHeads Coupon : Giant Eagle and Walmart Deals


Frigo CheeseHeads Coupon

Update: We have a NEW Frigo Cheeseheads Ibotta rebate available right now!  Pick up the 6 count at Giant Eagle and make a penny.  Or, pick up a single Cheesehead at Walmart with a $1.13 Moneymaker!  This rebate states “any variety, any size”; so the singles at Walmart “should” qualify for this rebate.  If interested, be sure to verify the item prior to shopping (however, this is a moneymaker there regardless.).

Our favorite cheese coupon is back!  The Frigo CheeseHeads coupon with no size restrictions is BACK!

Suddenly Salad SNEAK PEEK!

suddenly salad coupon deal 512

Pick up Frigo CheeseHeads at Giant Eagle for just $0.99; or if you’re lucky enough to find the single CheeseHeads at Walmart, you can pick them up for FREE!


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Scott Toilet Paper Coupons: Scott 1000 As Low As $11.74 At Target


Scott Toilet Paper Coupons

We have another Scott toilet paper deal at Target this week.  Through 06/04/16, you can earn a free $5 Target gift card when you purchase (2) 24 count Scott 1000 Toilet Paper packs at Target.

Bounty Paper Towels Coupon Deal at Target


Even better, we still have several Scott coupons available, including a Target coupon!  Pick up (4) packs of Scott 1000 for as low as $11.74 each after earning $10 in Target gift cards.


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Hershey’s Syrup and Fudge Coupon and Target Sale through 05/28/16!


Hershey’s Coupon

Update: We now have a sale at Giant Eagle on Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

We have a sale on Hershey’s Chocolate Ice Cream Toppings at Target this week.  Right now both Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and Hershey’s Hot Fudge are on sale for 20% off the regular price.

Smucker’s Deals!

Smuckers Done

We also have a Hershey’s Chocolate Product coupon available as well.  Pick up Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup for as low as $1.37 each or Hershey’s Hot Fudge for as low as $1.25 each!



L’Oreal Paris Expertise Coupon and Target Gift Card Deal


L’Oreal Paris Expertise Coupon

Update: This deal is now even BETTER, thanks to a new Ibotta rebate!  Pick up three bottles of L’Oreal Paris Expertise for just $0.99 each!

If you use L’Oreal Paris Expertise haircare products, we have a nice deal at Target.  Through 06/11/16, you can earn a free $5 Target gift card when you purchase 3 select L’Oreal Paris Expertise products.

FREE at Giant Eagle and Dollar Tree

Curad done


Even better, we also still have a L’Oreal Paris Expertise coupon available!  Pick up 3 bottles of L’Oreal Paris Expertise shampoo or conditioner for just $2.32 each.


Clorox Coupon With Free Target Gift Card Deal!


Clorox Coupon

Get ready to start cleaning!  We have a nice Clorox sale at Target this week, including both the Clorox Scrub Singles and Clorox Dust Wipes!  You can earn a free $5 Target gift card when you purchase 5 participating Clorox products.

Bounce Burst Deals 


We also have a Clorox coupon available that makes this deal even better.  Pick up 5 Clorox Dust Wipes for just $1.39 each or Clorox Scrub Singles for $1.72 each!


Earn 10 Free Pampers Rewards Points!


Pampers Rewards

We have a new opportunity to earn 10 free Pampers Rewards points this week.