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Giant Eagle Four Day Sale-A-Bration DEALS!!!


Giant Eagle Four Day Sale-A-Bration

*Update:  Thanks to Mallory for letting me know that the BIG 4-DAY sale will be extended to last the whole week (through 12/7/16)!!  

This includes everything except the perishable departments (meat, deli, produce, prep foods, and bakery), however some stores will be extending the sale in those departments as well so be sure to look for the shelf tags!! The GREAT news is that the awesome Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Deal will last the whole week along with many other great deals – see the coupon breakdowns below!

You will want to shop early at Giant Eagle this week so that you make it in time for the Four Day Sale-A-Brations!! The 4-day sale is listed in the regular ad and runs from 12/1/16 – 12/4/16!!  Be sure to check your local ad in case some prices vary (meat, eggs, and pop prices will sometimes vary)!

Thanks again to Amanda for the Giant Eagle Ad Scan!! See all of the 4-day Deals below! .


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Top 10 Giant Eagle Deals From The Ad 12/1/16 – 12/7/16


Best Coupon Deals This Week from the Giant Eagle Ad

The full Giant Eagle Matchup  can be overwhelming especially for new couponers and the best deals can get lost which is why I take the FULL matchup, and remove all of the not-so-great deals and then highlight the best coupon deals in red so they really stand out! 

Other Deals from the weekly ad (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LIST):


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Giant Eagle Ad Matchup 12/1/16 – 12/7/16!

Advertised Deals

Giant Eagle Matchup 12/1/16 – 12/7/16

Giant Eagle Matchup 12/1/16 – 12/7/16! See the ad scan HERE thanks to Amanda! All ads are on the Giant Eagle website by Tuesday morning! If you are new to couponing, check out the FAQ Post!

Other Deals from the weekly ad: coupons listed below are pre-clipped on the sidebar or go here

I do not include most of the Giant Eagle eOffers or the “Any Brand” Ibotta offers in the deals. The final prices below are calculated assuming that the coupons with a value of $.99 or less will double unless otherwise noted.


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P&G Coupons and BonusFuelperks Deal at Giant Eagle 12/1/16 – 12/7/16!


P&G Coupons and Bonus Fuelperks Deal at Giant Eagle!

We have a Bonus Fuelperks Deal starting Thursday, 12/1/16, at Giant Eagle!! Get your P&G coupons ready for this big sale! We have both P&G Insert and Printable Coupons listed below! You can also check the coupon database for any digital coupons!

Thanks again to Amanda for the 12/1 – 12/7 Giant Eagle Ad Scan!!



P&G Coupon Deal at Giant Eagle: Buy 5, Save $5 Instantly!


P&G Coupon Deal at Giant Eagle: Buy 5, Save $5!!

Giant Eagle shoppers – get your P&G Coupons ready!! We have a nice “Buy 5, Save $5” deal starting Thursday, 12/1/16!!  Thanks to Amanda for the 12/1 – 12/7 Giant Eagle Ad Scan!  See other sneak peeks here and stay tuned for the full matchup!

See the P&G coupons and deal breakdowns below! Be sure to buy in groups of 5 to get the best deal!!


Quick and Easy Giant Eagle Deals Through 11/30/16!


Giant Eagle Quick and Easy Deals Through 11/30/16

We have many quick and easy Giant Eagle deals this week using only printed coupons!! I have them all rounded up for you below with direct links to each coupon!

  • Why are they EASY?! These deals are super easy since you only need a printed coupon to get each deal…no apps (like Ibotta, Checkout 51, etc.), no fuelperks, no catalinas. Nothing but a simple coupon is needed. Period.
  • Why are they QUICK? These deals are quick because you can print many of the coupons all at once. No need to sort through inserts! The coupons are pre-clipped here or on the sidebar, however, if you just want a single coupon, click the links below!


FREE Giant Eagle Deals Through 11/30/16!


FREE Giant Eagle Deals

Shop for FREE! See the list of FREE deals at Giant Eagle below!  We don’t have a FREE eAdvantage this week since the eAdvantage is $10 off your order when you buy a $50 Kohl’s  Gift Card (2 other cards are also inclulded).

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