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Frugal Tips

Snap by Groupon: NEW Rebate App and Site

snap by groupon

Snap by Groupon

For those of you guys that love Rebate Apps, we have a new one to add to the list ūüôā

Snap by Groupon has rebates similar to Ibotta, Checkout51, and Shopmium, however, many of their offers do not have a limit per person.  They do have a maximum limit so they could run out but at least you have the chance to do multiples!!  I URGE you to look to see if an offer is still available before checking out and then upload your receipt as soon as possible.  Also, although there is no limit, I would be careful how many you get. It seems like some have had trouble getting multiple rewards while others got them with no problem.

You can read about the other rebate offers here!

Download the¬†Snap by Groupon¬†app to your smartphone or go here!¬† Check out the available offers, Shop, and then upload your receipt within 2 days….that”s it ūüôā ¬†Once you reach $20, request your $$!

Remember that if you have the SAME offer on other rebate apps, you CAN do both! ¬†Plus, these type of rebate apps are allowed to be combined with coupons….SCORE!

snap by group app

It seem like they may have some VERY Valuable offers! ¬†Like the previous¬†$2 Huggies Wipes Rebate! ¬†Huggies are as low as $2 at Giant Eagle….so that was a freebie! ¬† They also have personalized offers that may not be available for everyone. ¬†I got one for $1/1 Any Bread!! ¬†This particular offer does have a limit of 1.



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Saving Money With A Clothes Drying Rack!

Clothes Drying Rack

1 Easy Way to Save Big on Your Electric Bill with a Clothes Drying Rack!

When looking for ways to save money, I first looked at cutting my greatest monthly expense (excluding my house and car payments) which was my grocery bill. Couponing has allowed me to greatly lower this bill!  My second highest monthly expense was my electric bill, which I have tried for years to lower without any success!

I’m sure you’ve heard many tips about saving money on your electric bill:

  • Unplug items when not in use
  • Turn-off lights
  • Switch to CFL bulbs
  • Buy energy-star appliances
  • Change furnace filters
  • Keep your fridge and freezer full
  • Don’t turn the furnace up too high/air conditioner too low

I’ve tried most of these and I feel aside from the heating/cooling tip that none of them make a huge impact! ¬†I’m sure they save some money, but if you want to do¬†1 EASY thing to save big, I would suggest you¬†STOP drying your laundry in a dryer! ¬†

A little over a month ago I¬†bought a¬†Clothes Drying Rack¬†(pictured above)¬†for around $32 on Amazon¬†and started using it right away. ¬†The drying rack¬†paid for itself in 6 days! ¬†This might sound crazy, but I actually enjoy hanging my clothes out to dry. ūüôā When the laundry is almost dry, I throw it in the dryer for about 5 minutes to soften the clothes….except for my husband’s jeans – he loves his jeans a little crunchy – lol!¬†

How much will you save on your electric bill by using a clothes drying rack?
How much you will save depends on how many loads of laundry you typically wash and dry each month.¬†I wash and dry about 45 loads per month, and after using the Clothes Drying Rack¬†for only 1 month my electric bill went down $180! ¬†This is the lowest my electric bill has been in 12 months! ¬†Other factors (such as the weather) play a role in the overall total, but I’m guessing I will see a lower electric bill from now on, and you can too!