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New Ajax Coupon Deal at CVS and Giant Eagle

ajax coupon deal

Ajax Coupons

We have two amazing new coupon deals on Ajax liquid dish soap! Right now you can pick up a bottle of Ajax dish soap 12.6-oz at CVS for as low as 27¢ each after sale and coupon! This Ajax  coupon deal lasts until Saturday 5/14.

If you’re already shopping at Giant Eagle you can also pick up the Ajax dish soap 12.6-oz for as low as 69¢ each after coupon or grab the Ajax dish soap 28-oz bottle for as low as $1.49 after sale and coupon!

Xtra Detergent Coupon Deal! Pay as low as $.99 EACH!!

xtra coupon deal

I have the Ajax coupon and deals listed below!


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Colgate Total Coupon Deals for as low as FREE (Plus a Money-Maker)!

colgate total coupon deal

Colgate Total Coupon Deals

HURRY and print the new Colgate Total Toothpaste Coupon so that you can pick up toothpaste as low as FREE (plus even make $1)!  See the CVS and Rite Aid deal breakdowns below!

Giant Eagle also has a sale on Colgate Total toothpaste right now but if you have a Rite Aid or CVS nearby, hold those coupons to get a much better deal!   However, Giant Eagle shoppers WILL want to pick-up the regular Colgate toothpaste for FREE starting Thursday, 5/12/16!


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Maxwell House Wake Up Roast Coffee Coupon Deal at CVS! Stock-up!

maxwell house coupon

Maxwell House Wake Up Roast Coffee Coupons

Stock-up on Maxwell House Wake Up Roast Coffee at CVS for an awesome price through 4/30/16! Thanks to Judy for letting us know about this deal!  CVS has a MUCH better deal than Giant Eagle on the Wake Up Roast – it’s $7.99 at Giant Eagle!  See the CVS deal below!

Maxwell House Printable Coupon:

Reynolds Deals!!

Hobby Lobby Promo Code

Speed Stick GEAR Coupon and Deals as low as FREE!!

speed stick GEAR coupon

Speed Stick GEAR Coupon

We have a BIG $2/1 Speed Stick GEAR deodorant coupon available to print! DO NOT WAIT to print this high-value coupon! You can pick-up GEAR for as low as FREE this week! I have the CVS, Kroger, Walmart, Target, and Giant Eagle deals below!

Printable Coupon for Speed Stick GEAR:

Hot Pockets Stock-up Deal!

hot pockets coupons and deals

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Coke Deal at CVS – NO Coupons Needed (4/17/16 – 4/23/16)

coke deal cvs

Coca-Cola Deal

We have a new Coca-Cola Deal that starts Sunday, 41/17/16 at CVS! Pay just $2.22 for a 12-pack of Coke when you buy a total of 9 packs! Stock-up for summer!  No Coke coupons are needed for this deal!  See the details below!

We also have a Coke deal at Target through 4/16/16!

coke stock up deal
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Stock-Up Deal on Xtra Detergent At CVS and Walgreens!

xtra detergent

Xtra Detergent Coupons

Stock-up on Xtra Detergent at CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart (price-match) this week!  Pay as little as $1 after sales and coupons!!  We have an insert and a printable coupon so hopefully everyone can get in on this deal!  If Xtra isn’t your favorite laundry soap, use it for your towels or your husband’s clothes 😉  Thanks Sacha!

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Venus Razor Printable Coupon = Awesome Deal at CVS!

venus razor printable Coupons

Venus Razor Printable Coupons and Deals!

I am glad that i stocked-up on razors a long time ago because awesome razor deals don’t come around like they used to!  However, here is a great deal on Venus Razors if you are a CVS shopper!  This razor deal doesn’t start until 5/11/14 but be sure to grab this $2/1 Venus Razor Printable Coupon in case it disappears before the sale!

Buy 1 Venus Razor 1ct. for $7.48
Use: $2/1 Venus Razor Printable Coupons
Pay: $5.48 and get $5 ECB (extra care buck)
Final Price: 48¢ for 1!
*you may find the Venus Razors priced even lower at your store making this a FREEBIE or a money-maker!

(Thanks For the Mommas)