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Get a Cellfire Bonus Coupon!

Head over and Log-in or Sign-up for Cellfire to get a Bonus Coupon!  I got one for 50¢ at Kroger!  Only select stores are included (GE is never included in these!).  You have until 6pm EST to get yours!


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Wow! Lots of eCoupons added!

Cellfire has added lots of new eCoupons for Kroger and many other stores and I was pleasantly surprised that Giant Eagle actually got more than 3 this time!! Head over here to start loading them to your card!

Kroger stores: You cannot stack eCoupons with a paper coupon
Giant Ealge stores: You CAN stack eCoupons with a paper coupon

*For Kroger (and other stores) – the eCoupons seem to load without any problems
*For GE Shoppers – sometimes Cellfire gives me trouble…..I had to clip the one I wanted and then log-in.  However, once logged-in, I could no longer see any GE coupons so I had to log back out to see them and clip another eCoupon and log back in?!  It was kinda crazy but I finally got the ones I wanted(:

New Cellfire eCoupons available!

Cellfire has added new eCoupons!! Kroger (and other stores) have many listed – I LOVE eCoupons like the ones above.  For ones with a value 50¢ or under, it’s better to use a paper coupon (if available) since eCoupons don’t double!  Kroger does not allow stacking eCoupons with a paper coupon.
*Some are lucky enough to have Kroger stores that double paper coupons up to $1, but mine only doubles up to 50¢ coupons.

2 New Cellfire eCoupons have been added for Giant Eagle.  Don’t forget that you can still Stack a paper coupon with an eCoupon at GE

*50¢/1 Reese’s Puffs Cereal
*75¢/1 Yoplait Frozen Smoothie

Hobby Lobby Promo Code

New Cellfire Coupons Available and Beginner Tips!

You can Head over to Cellfire to load your rewards card with some new digital coupons! If you are new to digital coupons, they are simply electronic coupons that you add to your store’s rewards card!  Here are some guidelines for Giant Eagle and Kroger:

Giant Eagle
You can add up to a total of 45 eCoupons to your card at one time
eCoupons Stack with manufacturer’s paper coupons (which means you can use both coupons for 1 item!)

You can add as many eCoupons as you want (no limit)
eCoupons do NOT can either use an eCoupon OR a paper coupon

Both Kroger and Giant Eagle
eCoupons DO NOT Double.  A $.50 eCoupon will only deduct $.50
eCoupons come off only once.  If you have a $.50 eCoupon for Bisquik and buy 2 Bisquiks – the eCoupon will only come off for the first one and then be removed.


B1G1 FREE Budweiser BBQ Sauce & More eCoupons added!

Cellfire has added more eCoupons for you to add to your card.  I wasn’t able to see any for Giant Eagle (it seems to be tricky to find those ones!), but Kroger had a few added that I really liked!  Head over Here and see if there are any that you like!
*eCoupons do not stack with a paper manufacturer coupon (except at Giant Eagle!)
*They do not double
*Each one can only be used once

Free Money From Cellfire! (Kroger & Affiliate Stores)

Sign up or Log into Cellfire today to see if you have won $.50 or $3!

(Thanks, Eeendeavors!)

New Cellfire Coupons added & GE deal!

Cellfire has added lots of new eCoupons for Kroger  and 4 new ones for Giant Eagle.  The Giant Eagle ones are also available on the Giant Eagle Website (so you will have a total of 2 of each Coupon!).  Remember not to add more than 45 eCoupons to your GE card!  And…check your receipt to make sure the eCoupons came off correctly.  If they didn’t,  just tell customer service and they will take care of it 😀 Remember that eCoupons still “stack” at Giant Eagle:


Pillsbury Sweet Moments (thru Wednesday) $2.50
Use: $1/1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments Desserts from 12/12/10 SS, 12/5/10 GM or printable
Stack with: $.75/1 eCoupon from Cellfire or here
Cost: $.75 each!
*Each eCoupon should come off once, so you should be able to score 2 of these for $.75 each.